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Is Buying a Murphy Bed Good? Pros and Cons, Costs and Tips

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Are you looking to buy a Murphy bed but don’t know if it is a good idea or not? There are a few advantages and drawbacks of buying a Murphy bed based on which you can decide.

Here is a detailed guide on a Murphy bed. We explain the pros, cons, and costs of Murphy beds, along with some useful tips for users!

Pros of Buying a Murphy Bed

They Save Space

The greatest advantage of a Murphy bed is that it saves a lot of space. Since it can be folded and concealed into the cabinet, it leaves much space to place other furniture as well.

So, if you have a Murphy bed in your apartment or room, you can afford to place more pieces of furniture too.

They Can Be Used as Guest Beds

The idea bed for guests is a Murphy bed. You can use a small room as your guest room and the room that features this cabinet bed. You can easily fit it in a small room and when guests arrive, this room can serve as a great guest room.

They Can Work Like a Storage Unit

Remember it is a wall bed and a cabinet bed. The bed is folded into the cabinet and hence you can use the cabinet as the storage unit. You can store your pillows and blankets in the massive drawers incorporated in the cabinet. So, it works as a storage unit as well.

They Can Be Multifunctional

Most Murphy beds available in the market are quite functional. You can use them as proper beds for sleeping and also use them as storage cabinets. In addition, you can use them as sofas too. You can half open the bed and use it as a couch or a sofa.

Cons of Buying a Murphy Bed

Folding Out the Bed is a Challenge

One massive challenge with the Murphy beds is folding them out. It requires extra care and attention, and you need to learn how to perfectly fold them. If you are careless, you can easily cause serious trouble and end up damaging the bed.

Folding Mechanism Malfunction

There is a proper folding mechanism installed in these beds. Hence, you can expect it to malfunction if you are careless. Even if you do take care, still there are chances of the bed to malfunction. This is such a huge disappointment as far as Murphy beds are concerned.

Bedsheets Become Messy & Disorganized

When you fold the bed, bed sheets often become messy and disorganized. In fact, there is no perfect way to organize the bedsheet, You have to rearrange it every time you open or fold it. So, you need to put an extra effort on arranging the bed sheet every time you open the bed.

Lack of Durability

This is actually true that most Murphy beds are not very durable. Remember the folding mechanism can malfunction and hence there is a question mark on the durability. In 2020, you can’t afford to have a bed that is not as durable as you want it to be!

Dangerous If Not Used Properly

If you don’t use your Murphy bed properly, it can be very dangerous. If you have not folded it well, it can open anytime and cause injuries to a person in front. It is also quite dangerous for the kids who can attempt to open it and get injured.

How Much a Murphy Bed Costs?

A Murphy bed is reputed as an expensive bed; it certainly isn't. The prices vary for different types of Murphy cabinet beds. However, it starts from $1200 and can go up to $2200. You can buy the best Murphy bed for a maximum of $2000. It must not cost more than that!

Some Useful Tips

Ask Professionals for Installment

When you buy a Murphy bed, don’t try DIY methods to install it in the wall. Rather, ask for professionals to install it perfectly. The renowned and trusted stores would provide installment services as well. They would never urge you to try DIY methods for installing the bed in your room.

Keep Kids Away from the Bed

If you want to make your Murphy bed last longer and avoid injuries, make sure to keep kids away from the bed. If you have installed it in the guest room, better ensure that kids don’t even go inside that room. This is how you can prevent its dangers!

Buy Your Murphy Bed from

If you are eager to buy the best Murphy bed at the most affordable price, you should buy it from It is a renowned online store for buying all sizes, types, styles and designs of Murphy cabinet beds at pretty reasonable prices!

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