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Most important Tips to Decorate a Room with a Murphy Bed

Invented in the early 1900s, Murphy Bed has captivated the attention of people. Though the idea is not very new, people have started adopting it in recent times. As of late, people have gone crazy for it, and there are solid reasons behind that!

First of all, these beds are ideal for smaller spaces. In fact, these are made for smaller rooms and apartments. These are perfect space saving solutions. Therefore, people living in smaller rooms or apartments prefer these beds rather than convention beds.

A Murphy Bed is named after William Murphy, the inventor of the bed. It is also known as wall bed, cabinet bed and wall cabinet bed. It can be folded and concealed into a wall cabinet. The process is very simple and quick.

You can easily open the bed and fold it back when not in use. So, if there is a lack of space within the room, a Murphy bed is the right piece of furniture!

Well, having a Murphy bed means you can save some space. Hence, you have plenty of other options to decorate your room.

For instance, you have got a beautiful Murphy bed in your room and there is some space left that you can use to decorate your room. Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry as we have a few cool suggestions. Here are some important tips to decorate a room with a Murphy bed:

1. Paint & Wallpaper Around the Bed

The simplest and obvious way of decorating your room is through some lovely paint or wallpaper. Rather than a similar paint throughout the room, get a different paint surrounding the Murphy bed. Also, you can go for a nice wallpaper on the wall that contains the cabinet bed.

2. Half Conceal the Bed

Once you are done sleeping and the bed is no longer in use. You may conceal the entire bed; a nice way to decorate your room is by half concealing the bed. This will provide a beautiful and attractive look. You can think out of the box; why not?

3. Lighting Around the Bed

Apart from paint or wallpaper, you can go for some lighting options. You can easily install some LED lights around the Murphy bed. You can ask your provider to help you with that, and he will. LED lighting will enhance the overall elegance of the Murphy cabinet bed.

4. Coffee Tables as Side Tables

Murphy beds often come with no side tables. You may require a few side tables by the way. So, you can get a few side tables, and if not, you can get some coffee tables. Why not place a couple of coffee tables on both sides of the bed? A great idea by the way!

5. Bookshelves on One Side

You can also place a small or even a large bookshelf on one side or either side of the bed. It will let you use it as a storage. Also, you can place your favorite books there and when you want, you can read them.

6. Storage Unit on Another Side

A storage unit on either side of the cabinet can be a great decoration idea. It won’t just look decent; it will enhance the beauty of the Murphy bed. However, when buying a storage unit or anything to place around the bed, make sure it complies with the design or style of the bed.

7. Small Pieces of Decor in the Room

There are several decor pieces you can keep in your room to make it beautiful. The Murphy bed leaves some space inside your room that you should utilize in a smart way. Make sure to use that space by placing a few decor pieces such as small bar tables and stools.

8. Utilize Space Smartly When Bed is Folded

When the bed is opened, the space is less. When it is folded, you have the space to utilize. Now, you can use that space smartly. Think out of the box and try different things unless you find the perfect piece of decor to keep there!

9. An Extra Couch

An extra couch can be a stunning thing to place in your room with a Murphy bed. It won’t just be a piece of decor; it will also enhance the seating capacity. You can half conceal the bed and place an extra couch in front and make it a nice guest room too!

10. A Console Table Underneath the Bed

When the Murphy bed is opened, it has some space underneath the bed. This isn’t necessary for all beds, but for many! In that space, you can place a console table underneath and make it look even more attractive. So, these are some of the decoration ideas in a room with a Murphy bed!


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