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Introducing The Murphy Cabinet Beds in 2022

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Many people try to make the most of what limited space they have in their homes. For some folks, space can be at a premium if they live in a small apartment or house. In those cases, it makes sense to invest in space-saving furniture that is both functional and practical.

One such example is the Murphy cabinet bed. It’s a type of bed that helps householders save space in their bedrooms without compromising functionality and comfort. If you’re interested in buying a Murphy cabinet bed, here’s what you need to know on the subject.

What is a Murphy Cabinet Bed?

A Murphy cabinet bed, sometimes known as a Murphy bed cabinet, is an innovative way to have a bed in a room where a conventional bed would take up too much space. As you might have gathered from the name, a Murphy cabinet bed gets stored in a cabinet.

When the bed is not in use, it gets kept inside a cabinet that looks like a conventional piece of furniture. And when it’s bedtime, the householder can simply open up the cabinet and pull out the bed into a horizontal position.

A Murphy cabinet bed is the ideal solution for small living spaces. Examples include studio apartments, student dormitories, and attic spaces. Murphy cabinet beds look stylish and will complement all existing home decors and furnishings.

Why is it called a Murphy Cabinet Bed?

The Murphy cabinet bed style takes its name from the person who invented it - a man named William Lawrence Murphy. He was a late 19th-century Irish immigrant in New York looking for creative solutions to create more space in his small apartment.

One of the space-saving ideas he had was for a ‘disappearing bed,’ and he applied for several patents at the turn of the 20th century to protect his idea. His initial idea was for a pivoted and counterbalanced bed.

Several variations of Murphy’s bed got developed since his initial concept, the Murphy cabinet bed. Today, the Murphy bed cabinet has become a popular sight in many homes and dwellings across the United States.

Are Murphy Cabinet Beds Comfortable?

Some people new to the idea of Murphy Cabinet Bed Pekoe might assume that comfort got sacrificed in favor of practicality. Let’s face it: when you go to bed, you don’t want to wake up the next morning with a sore neck or aching back.

It’s possible to buy conventional beds with all types of different mattresses to suit one’s posture needs. Keeping that in mind, can a Murphy bed cabinet be comfortable? In short - the answer is yes.

You can purchase Murphy cabinet beds and specify the type of mattress you want. Various mattress options include bi-fold, full, twin, queen, and so forth. Each Murphy cabinet bed mattress gets constructed from high-quality foam, and they get laid on strong frames.

A Murphy cabinet bed is just as comfortable as a conventional bed, providing you select the right mattress for your individual needs.

How much is a Murphy Cabinet Bed?

The price you pay for a Murphy cabinet bed will depend on a plethora of factors, so there’s no ‘average’ cost. In fact, there’s no average cost for a conventional bed for the same reasons.

What are the factors that influence the cost of a Murphy cabinet bed, you might ask yourself? Arguably the main one is size. As you can imagine, smaller Murphy Beds in USA that use a single mattress, for instance, are typically cheaper than queen-sized ones.

You should consider other factors such as mattress type and size. Larger mattresses are more expensive than smaller ones. And the materials used in the construction of a Murphy cabinet bed will influence the final purchase price.

Which Mattresses do Murphy Cabinet Beds use?

A Murphy cabinet bed ultimately folds into a small, compact form when it’s not in use. As you can appreciate, standard bed mattresses don’t offer flexibility when they get folded. It’s for that reason that you must use mattresses compatible with Murphy cabinet beds.

Foam mattresses, either made of memory foam or gel-infused foam, get used in conjunction with Murphy cabinet beds. The great thing about foam mattresses is they can easily support the human body’s posture but are flexible enough to fold away when not in use.

As mentioned earlier, you can purchase a Murphy cabinet bed for use with specific foam mattress sizes. So, whether you want a single mattress or a larger queen-sized one, you’ve got plenty of options available.

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