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How Good Are Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds are a great space-saving device, that complement your original decor. Also known as wall beds, pull-down beds, or fold-down beds, the main characteristic of Cabinet beds is a hinge on one side, meaning it can be stored against the wall or in a cabinet.

Even though they’re ideal for smaller homes, many people wonder how good are murphy beds? Are they safe? Are they as comfortable and supporting as conventional beds? The folding design was first patented by William Lawrence Murphy around 1900, but Murphy beds have come a long way since then.

How Good Are Murphy Beds?

Murphy is the leading brand in fold-down beds, and for this reason, the name is used as a generic term. There are actually several design options available on the market, from a number of brands. Murphy bed cabinet nowadays are safe, convenient, space-saving solutions that won’t compromise on style. They can be custom-fit to your home and even contribute to the room’s decor. Here are some of the benefits of Murphy beds.

Space-Saving Solution

The main benefit of Murphy beds is space. You can store your pull-down bed vertically against the wall, which frees up plenty of floor space when you’re not using it. Many designs also come with their own storage closet or cabinet. This makes them ideal for smaller living spaces such as studio apartments and condos, but if you want to add floor space to you any bedroom during the day, a Murphy bed is a great solution.

They’re also perfect for converting spare rooms in your home into temporary guest rooms. Turn any room into a multipurpose space. Your office could double-up as a bedroom, for instance. Murphy cabinet beds are also ideal for children’s bedrooms. You can fold the bed away during the day freeing up space for them to play or study.


Murphy beds should come equipped with a quality coil mattress which will provide the comfort and support of a conventional bed. If you think about it, there’s no reason why Murphy beds should be any less comfortable just because they’re stored vertically.

In fact, once they’re installed in your home, they can be fitted with the mattress of your choice. You can opt for a latex mattress or memory foam, whichever you prefer. The only thing that affects the comfort of a Murphy bed is the size, but they’re available from single to king-size so it really depends on your space.

Safe And Easy To Use

If you’re worried about Murphy beds being dangerous then this is actually a myth. Nowadays, they’re incredibly safe and easy to use. They open and close with ease due to an advanced spring system, you won’t need to yank them down and they’ll lock automatically.

There are several types of spring lift mechanisms that are used in Murphy beds which make the owner’s life easier. If you have any doubts, you can have your paradiseo murphy bed installed by professionals to ensure it’s mounted correctly. If used properly, Murphy beds are completely safe.

Fully Customizable

Murphy beds can actually be quite an attractive and stylish feature. There are various sizes and finishes to choose from. You can customize your Murphy bed to match your decor. Many come in cabinets that can be beautifully-crafted in different styles.

If you’re good at carpentry, you can even DIY your own. Many wall beds also come with additional features available such as lighting, a fold-down nightstand, or extra storage incorporated in the cabinet.


Most Murphy beds can be disassembled and moved to a new location. If you move house, depending on the dimensions of the new property, you can reinstall your Murphy bed there.

Murphy beds are designed for convenience, so if you’re planning on moving, look for a portable folding bed cabinet. Murphy beds in USA are versatile and can be fitted to any home. They’ll help you get the most out of your space, no matter the size of your new place.

Murphy beds are ideal if you would like to create more floor space, storage, or turn your bedroom into a multipurpose space. They can be stored away neatly when you’re not using them, giving you the freedom to enjoy your space as you prefer.

They make an attractive addition to any room and there are many stylish options available. If you’d like to know how good are Murphy beds you can read plenty of customer reviews online. You’d be surprised by the level of comfort and convenience they provide.

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