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Who Sells Quality And Affordable Murphy Beds In The USA?

Are you looking to buy a quality and affordable Murphy bed in the US? If so, you need look no further. While you can buy Murphy beds from other stores, we pride ourselves on what we can offer you.

We are one of the leading bed stores in America, and we focus on beds that are high in quality and affordable to the consumer, with a wide selection of Murphy beds to choose from.

So, shop around by all means, as you will probably find other stores online and off that sell some products from the Murphy range. But for the very best prices and the best selection of Murphy bed products available, we pride ourselves on what we can offer our customers.

Why Choose Us?

When looking online at who sells Murphy beds, your search will probably bring up a list of different bed companies. And that's fine, we can accept that we aren't the only company in the US selling Murphy beds. But there are reasons why you should choose eMurphy Bed Store, and these are just a few of them.

We Have the Best Murphy Beds Collection

Murphy beds are well known for their quality, and we make sure that the best Murphy beds are available from our online store. You will find the most solid, durable, and stunning cabinet Murphy beds in our collection, and they all have the scope to fit in with the latest modern furniture and decor trends.

Check out the different types of Murphy beds we have available and choose what is right for your needs. They are all perfect for those of you who want something with extra storage, and as many of them can be folded away, you can be guaranteed that extra space you need in your home or apartment too. Browse our website to learn more, and get in touch with us if you need any recommendations for your living space.

We Are Here To Help You

The cabinet beds we sell are very easy to fold and unfold, and installation is fairly simple. However, it might be that you need some assistance after getting your Murphy bed home, so don't hesitate about contacting us.

We are available via email and phone, so if you have any questions about assembling or folding your bed, our experienced team is here to help you. Talk to us about your needs too.

Our Murphy beds are fully customizable and can be used for a range of different storage purposes. With options including sliding bookcases, shelves, drawers, and more, you are bound to find something that fits your lifestyle and your storage requirements.

We can help you make the right purchase for your home, so talk to us about your living space and the features you require, and we will ensure the Murphy bed you buy is the right one for you.

We Supply the Best Brands at the Lowest Prices

Murphy beds aren't necessarily cheap, but when you consider their quality and versatility, you can understand why they might be expensive when compared with other beds. However, we do our best to ensure our prices are the lowest in the market, so you can be assured of the cheapest Murphy cabinet beds available.

We are here to help customers with a range of budgetary needs, so talk to us about what you can afford. Browse our website to find out more about the prices we offer, and compare them to the prices that similar stores offer online. We are sure you will identify massive differences in our prices when comparing them with other stores, but let us know if you do see something cheaper.

Not only do we offer our customers the best possible prices on our Murphy beds, but we can provide free shipping within the United States too. This is something else we do to ensure our customers don't have to break the bank when buying a new bed for their home, so you can have the peace of mind that you will make further savings.


Your decision to buy a Murphy bed is a good one, as they are both comfortable and highly versatile. And your decision to choose eMurphy Bed Store is also a good one, as we have the highest quality and most affordable Murphy beds in the US. Continue to browse our website for more information on the beds in our range, and if you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team.

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