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Everything You Need to Know About Murphy Beds

Are you trying to learn about the popular Murphy Beds? Or you want one for your apartment? Before you get one, it is important to know what sort of beds these are and are they made to fulfill your needs. Since they have become extremely popular, people are eager to buy these beds believing they save a lot of space. Yes, these are great space-saving solutions, but there is more you should know about them. These are almost as incredible as conventional beds and offer more benefits than other beds. Since you’re here to learn about the Murphy beds, here is everything you need to know about them:

History of Murphy Beds

The history of Murphy beds takes us way back to the start of the 20th century. A person named William L. Murphy invented this bed and that is why it is known as the Murphy bed. There are many other names of this bed, such as a cabinet bed and wall bed, etc. However, William Murphy invented it and named it then became popular as the Murphy bed. The first design of this bed could be folded into a closet. The idea came into his mind as he had a lack of space in his studio apartment. Since then we have this amazing bed as a replacement for conventional beds in small studio apartments.

The Popularity of Murphy Beds in Modern Days

In modern days, people like living in smaller houses and apartments. In fact, more people live in studio apartments than houses, no matter which part of the world it is. With the lack of space in these apartments, a Murphy bed comes up as a perfect solution. This has made them incredibly popular across the world, specifically in the US. Also called cabinet beds, these beds can be folded inside the cabinets or closets, and can be opened when required.

Space-Saving Beds

Murphy beds are basically space-saving beds. The most significant advantage of these beds is that they save a lot of space for you. Specifically, if you are living in a studio apartment, there is always reduced space. You don’t have enough space inside to place all the needed furniture stuff. You can either manage to place a storage cabinet or a bed. However, in a Murphy bed, you get both the cabinet and the bed. You can turn it into a bed when required and then you can simply fold it and conceal it into the cabinet.

Ideal Beds for Smaller Apartments & Rooms

For smaller studio apartments, there is no better option than a Murphy Cabinet Bed. Not necessarily a studio apartment, if you have a room that does not have enough space, a cabinet bed can fit in better than anything else. You can create more space inside your room to place other important furniture pieces. For instance, you can place a coffee table and put your books and magazines on it. So, if you are residing in a studio apartment or your room is too small to get a conventional bed in it, there is every reason to have a Murphy wall bed in your room or studio apartment.

Storage Capacity

A Murphy bed offers a lot of storage capacity as well. Remember it is a cabinet bed where the bed can be folded inside. There are cabinets inside where you can store pillows and blankets. There is enough space inside to put the large blankets and pillows. Apart from huge compartments, there are drawers as well to store other accessories. All in all, it is a combination of a bed and a storage cabinet.

Safe & Comfortable

When it comes to comfort and safety, Murphy wall beds are even better than regular beds. They provide a comfortable and secure experience. They are designed with extreme efficiency and provide the durability you are looking for. The cabinets are made of exceptional quality material, and hence they last longer than other beds. Also, closing and opening the bed is pretty simple. Once you get your hands on it, you are already an expert at using it.

A Variety of Beds Available to Meet Your Needs

Like other beds available in the market, Murphy beds are available in a massive variety. You can find plenty of different designs and styles from the market. From the materials used for manufacturing them to the shapes of the beds, anything can vary. So, you can choose from such an extensive range of cabinet beds.

If you are looking to buy a Murphy bed of your choice, you can buy it from, a great store to buy Murphy wall beds online. There is a massive collection of cabinet beds. You can explore their collection of beds and buy your favorite ones at the cheapest prices!

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