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5 Common Questions about Murphy Beds Answered

Making a furniture choice when you have limited space in your apartment or room is always filled with difficulties. When it comes to limited space, most people opt for Arason beds.

However, not everyone is clear cut in making the choice. There are tons of questions that are asked by potential buyers before purchasing a murphy bed.

In order to make sure that you are well satisfied with your choice to purchase a murphy bed, here are the 5 most commonly asked questions by the users, and they are answered well in detail. Make sure that you go through them before purchasing your murphy bed to make sure that it fulfills all your needs.

1. I am looking to Buy a Murphy Bed but I have Limited Storage Space So Where can it put The Beddings and Pillows during Day Time when The Bed is not in Use?

If you are looking to buy a murphy bed and you have limited storage options, you must make sure that you choose a cabinet murphy bed. There is much new design which is available in the market from the likes of brands like Furniture in Fashion where the cabinet murphy beds in all sizes are available. They offer cabinets to store your pillows and other beddings during the day and offer a comfortable bed at night.

2. How much The Murphy Beds cost and why are They So Expensive?

Most Murphy beds are expensive because they come in a solid wood build with expensive finishes which makes them a very costly piece of furniture to purchase. Secondly, the added cost of installation makes the overall costs of the murphy beds a lot higher.

The cost of a twin size murphy bed is around $1,500 and $2,000 on average while a double murphy bed will come at an affordable pricing of $2,000 and $3,000 while the installation has to be done separately.

The cost of the queen-sized Murphy bed is around $2,900 to $4,000 while the King-sized Murphy bed is going to cost you as much as $3,500 to $6,000 minus the costs of installation which has to be done separately.

3. How do I know that if I need a Vertical or a Horizontal Murphy Bed Based on My Ceiling Size?

The ceiling size determines the type of Murphy bed you can install in your room. Since the most suitable option in most cases is the vertical Murphy bed, its length varies. You will find a queen size murphy bed stores in the length of 89” inches tall while the full or twin mattress vertical bed will be requiring at least 84” inches height of the ceiling to be perfectly installed.

Alongside that, you have to make sure that you consider the height of your ceiling light or fan to ensure that the bed isn’t hitting the light or fan while it is being pulled down.

However you can go for the horizontal Murphy bed if you have a ceiling height of less than 75” inches. For a queen-sized horizontal murphy bed, you will need a ceiling height of 72” inches while the full or twin bed will need a ceiling height of 66” inches.

4. Are Murphy Beds Available in Various Sizes?

Yes, like any other bed, they come in the King, Queen, and Twin, double and single options to choose from. The length and the mattresses sizes of the beds also varies. The euro-style bed or the Cape Cod styles are the option of styles alongside the sizes above. You can also combine the Murphy bed with your office workstation to work effectively.

5. How much The Murphy Bed installations will cost? Can I do it on My Own?

Murphy beds installation is very tricky and a time taking process as well. It is advised to take professional help for this purpose. When it comes to the cost, the double or full-size cabinet bed usa installed in your apartment which has pistons made of solid wood cabinets and shelves will cost you around $3,000. If you have got a twin-size Murphy bed with no shelves, it will cost you around $1,500 for its perfect and safe installation.

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