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Are Murphy Beds Comfortable to Sleep On? Facts You Should Know

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The humble Murphy bed is an imaginative piece of furniture designed to fold into a wall, perfect for small-space living or an office/guest bedroom combination. On the positive side, you can tuck it away to give yourself more floor space when you're not sleeping in bed.

On the flip side, Murphy beds have a reputation (mostly in films and tv shows) for swallowing people while they’re sleeping. The truth is, over the years the designs of Murphy beds have improved exponentially - but is comfortable?

If you’re low on space and are considering a Murphy bed, or you like the idea of having foldable furniture in your home to create the illusion of a bigger room, here’s everything you need to know about Murphy beds.

Are they Comfortable?

They can be! Murphy beds themselves consist of just the foldable frame, and while you may be able to buy 10 Best Murphy Bed Stores with a mattress, it all comes down to how comfortable you make the bed. If you find sleeping on a memory foam mattress more comfortable, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have one on your Murphy bed.

The only caveat here is making sure your mattress aligns with the thickness of the space your Murphy bed folds into. These are usually quite generous sizes, meaning you won’t have to compromise on comfort.

It’s worth noting that mattresses that are made entirely out of memory foam are not recommended for use with Murphy beds, simply down to the fact that they don’t hold the structural integrity of a regular mattress, meaning they won’t be able to stand on their side when you fold the Murphy bed into the wall.

However, a mattress with a layer of memory foam should be fine, providing it can stand on its side without falling or bending too much. Not only can you switch out your mattress due to favourability, but you can also make Murphy bed Store (and any bed, for that matter) more comfortable with things like:

  • Pillows that provide better support while you sleep

  • A mattress topper giving an extra layer of comfort. If this doesn’t fit into the space your Murphy bed folds into, there’s nothing stopping you from fitting the topper when your bed is unfolded and storing it elsewhere when the bed is folded.

  • A plush duvet so you feel like you are sleeping atop of and underneath clouds.

Overall, Murphy beds can be as comfortable as you’d like them to be! The only problem you may face, as mentioned above, is finding a mattress that fits the space perfectly. Over time and with years of improvement, you may be able to buy a Murphy bed with a mattress that’s perfectly fine for either you or your guests to sleep on.

Why a Murphy Bed?

You may be wondering why you would choose a Murphy bed when you could simply buy a bed with a frame. After all, you use your bed every day, right? Murphy bed are traditionally used for those that don’t have much living space and want to utilize the space they do have.

For example, if you have a spare room that you’d like to triple up as a home office, gym and bedroom, a Murphy bed allows you to fold it away when you need the extra space. Not only that, they often come with storage space, giving you more opportunities to utilize your space.

6 things You Should Know about Murphy Beds

1. Murphy Beds Have Thicker Mattresses And Are Practical For Every Day Sleeping

In general, Murphy beds have thicker than average mattresses, making them more practical for every day sleeping. A Murphy bed can be anywhere from 10” to 19” inches deep, meaning your mattress will be super thick and comfortable.

2. A Murphy Bed Can Also Be A Home Office Workspace

We mentioned above that Murphy beds are perfect for those with limited space or those that want to utilize the space and use a room for multiple functions. Murphy beds can have a desk built directly into them, meaning when you fold them up in the morning, you can erect a desk and begin working at your leisure.

3. You Don’t Have To Worry About Where to Store Your Pillows

You may be wondering where you can store your pillows and any thick duvets when your bed is folded, and the answer is directly into the Murphy bed system! There’s a space behind your Murphy bed to store your pillows in a wooden area in the back of the framed unit (also called a pillow box) to keep them stowed away for the next use.

4. You Can Build A Storage System Around The Murphy Bed

You may need to put cabinets and drawers on the sides of your bed if you're using the room as a home office. You can get cabinetry with a Murphy cabinet bed system, which coordinates with the bed flawlessly. You can add a wardrobe closet to the side of the bed if you're using the room as a spare room and also as a gym or office space.

Then you can store your work-out gear away and have hanging rods for the clothing of your friends or family when they come to stay. Install cabinets for your equipment to keep things organized if you are using this space for crafts.

5. You Can Add Lighting into the Murphy Wall Bed System

Murphy beds as we’ve seen them in films and tv shows aren’t very pretty, but that’s simply not the case! Over the years the design has been developed to not only improve the functionality but also to suit the style and decor in your home. You can also add LED lighting to your Murphy bed to help create a relaxed ambiance at night.

6. Murphy Beds Are Really Easy To Use

Finally, correctly fitted 10 Best Murphy Beds Ideas are extremely easy to use. It’s as simple as pulling the bed down using the handles, pulling out the legs into place, and simply placing it onto the ground. Your Murphy bed is now ready to sleep on!

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