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  • Essex Murphy Cabinet Bed by Arason Furniture

    The criss-cross molding reminesent of a Tudor style window decorates the Essex. Available in three popular finishes, white, black and ash. This cabinet bed has a 50-inch wide x 5-1/2 inch deep drawer. Felt covered runners and three hinged legs support the fold-down-front panel when open. No need to remove objects from the top of the cabinet to use the bed. Simply move items towards the back, lift the flip top, open the bolts to release the front panel. The flip top gives the sleeper more head room and special hardware keeps it in an upright position. The cabinet bed is an extraordinarily comfortable concelaed bed with a 40% smaller foot print than a sleeper sofa.


  • Free-standing cabinet, no need to bolt to floor or wall
  • Plenty of head room
  • Flip-Top hinges allow top to open without having to remove items from top
  • Only 39 inches high
  • Comfortable queen size mattress
  • Roomy 9" storage drawer for pillows or blankets
  • Usable top surface
  • Low cost alternative to the Murphy bed
  • Supports 500 pounds
  • Easy to open and close
  • Dimensions W 64" x H 39.75" x D 25", opens to 81"
  • Cabinet bed comes with a tri-fold, high resilient foam mattress. This is a 6" thick mattress with 4" of base foam and 2" of softer foam on the top. Three mattress segments are sewn together and do not separate when laid flat. Mattress accordion folds to fit into the cabinet.

Creden-ZzZ Arason Essex Cabinet Bed (Black)

  • Item Weight 200 pounds
    Product Dimensions 24 x 43 x 36 inches
    Assembled Height 39 inches
    Assembled Width 64 inches
    Assembled Length 24 inches
    Weight 240 Pounds
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