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What Styles And Designs Of Sectional Sofas With Storage Are There?

Sofas are undoubtedly an essential purchase for your home when investing in furniture staples. Aside from serving as your living room's focal point, your sofa is where you will spend time longing, reading, watching your favorite TV shows, and entertaining guests.

Therefore, finding a sofa with the right balance of style and functionality spruces up your living room. Thankfully, you can readily invest in sectional sofas with storage to make your living room more stylish. Also, you can store a wide range of items in storage compartments to prevent clutter. Below are some styles and designs of sectional sofas with storage you should know about.

Sectional Sofa Styles

Style is a crucial factor when deciding the ideal sectional sofa with storage to purchase. Generally, many interior design experts recommend a defined interior design plan for theme and color before selecting your sectional sofa style to use. Below are some of the most popular sectional sofas with storage options out there.


Traditional sectional sofas with storage are more classic than some recent models. As such, they are distinctively graceful, luxurious, and fancier than many modern sectional sofas. These sofa types usually have dainty legs and smooth, curved lines that make them appear smaller and lighter than their heavier counterparts.

Also, they come with exquisite details and accents as well as vibrant colors. Traditional sectional sofas with storage often use rich wood tones and patterned upholstery when they are made with mixed materials. In addition, they have cabriole-style sectional legs that are gilded or finished in deep wood stain.


Modern or mid-century modern style sectional sofas with storage gained popularity during the late 19th century and have remained in vogue to date. These furniture types are sleek and streamlined, easily distinguished by their solid geometric form and sharp lines. In addition, they have more upgraded touches like thin legs and metal accents, with fabrics and upholstery in plain colors.

However, modern sofas styles have little to no ornamentation and are boxier than your typical traditional sectional sofa. Nevertheless, the modern sectional sofa with storage will fit if your home's overall interior design is a contemporary style.


These sectional sofas with storage combine the traditional and modern style, resulting in a sophisticated design. However, transitional sectional sofas give off an ultra-modern vibe without using ornamentation.

These sofa types usually come in neutral colors and have wooden or metal legs. Furthermore, they are generally large enough for one user to be comfortable and suffice in even the most active households.

Sectional Sofa Designs

Sectional sofa designs are mainly classified based on their shape. There are three primary sectional sofa shapes; the L-shape, U-shape, and semi-circular shape. However, these shapes have different designs and come in three to seven pieces that can be arranged differently. Here are some standard sectional sofa designs out there.


Stationary sectional sofas with storage are perhaps the most common design on the market. These furniture pieces are designed for one shape compared to those that can be mixed and matched. Also, these sectionals connect their parts, ensuring that they stay in place. Furthermore, stationary sectional sofas have simple lines and a hard place for you to sit, making them comfortable and reliable.

However, you can’t recline them due to their design. Finally, stationary pieces often have attached pillows, so they are easy to care for since you don't have to worry about fixing the pillows correctly or your pillows slipping off while you are relaxing.


Modular sectional sofas with storage usually come in 3 to 5 pieces with individual components. Some sectional sofas even have pieces that you can use as stand-alone furniture. Therefore, you can experiment with endless styles and configurations when arranging your modular sofas.

For instance, you can push them all together to create one long sofa. Alternatively, you can space them out by placing each at strategic areas throughout the room. Modular sectional sofas with storage are practical because they give you a broad range of seating options to select from during furniture arrangement.

In addition, you can quickly move the pieces around based on your tastes and needs. Although the parts are light and can be moved easily, they are solid enough to keep you safe and comfortable while you use them. Therefore feel free to spruce your home with this furniture piece.

Sectional Sofa With Chaise

Many consumers opt for the sectional sofa with a chaise or chaise lounge due to the incredible leg support. A chaise is an upholstered sofa that is extended enough to support your legs. Indeed, the French word "chaise" directly translates to "long chair."

Many sectional sofas have two or more pieces that usually include one chaise. The chaise refers to the area with the more considerable seat depth that allows you to lie down, recline, and stretch your leg. As such, this sectional sofa type is perfect for relaxation and lounging., making it a welcome addition to your home.


Most homes don't have spare bedrooms that guests can sleep in, but a sleeper sofa eliminates the need for an additional bed. Sleeper sectional sofas with storage can be converted into a sleeping area or bed.

These sofas are heavier than other sectional sofas because they have hidden beds tucked away inside. However, they are perfect if you want to maximize the space in a room, and you won't need to worry about extra seats or a place to sleep.

Why Choose eMurphy Bedstore For Your Sectional Sofas?

Our sectional sofas with storage are made with the most durable and best materials, upholstery, and framework. These sectional sofas come in various designs and styles with secret compartments underneath to store any items of your choice.

As such, you can enjoy comfortable and stylish seating and storage to make the best use of your floor space and living room. Therefore, feel free to shop for your preferred sectional sofas from us. Reach out to us today at to get started.

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