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Different Types of Murphy Beds You Should Consider Buying

If you are someone who is worried due to the lack of space and the piles of stuff that you will be needing to accommodate somewhere in the most effective manner, the best way forward is to choose the cabinet murphy bed.

You will need a furniture option that can do you favors in terms of space and storage which is best done by a murphy bed. Having a stacked-up apartment is a worry but with the right Murphy bed, you can make sure that you give the best look to your place and accommodate your stuff in the best manner.

While a bed or sofa in the bedroom can work well but there are various types of murphy beds that can do wonders with your space issues and help you to achieve the desired look for your bedroom. Here are a few types of murphy beds that will help you to find the best Murphy bed for your home which will be suiting your space.

Bi-fold Murphy bed

A bi-fold Murphy bed is the type of bed that is uniquely designed and created such that it can be placed inside a cabinet. The bed can be raised upward and downward easily. It can be effectively lowered by opening the doors sideways in an effective manner.

This type of Murphy bed is one of the ideal styles of the wall beds types. They take a lot less space as compared to other types since the door can be opened wide while ensuring that the bed could be closed inside the cabinet while it is not being used.

If you are opting to choose this type of bed, consider the fact that it comes with mattresses which can be up to 11 inches in thickness. These beds come in a solid wood structure which makes them a lot more durable and sturdier in every manner.

Flip-Up Desk Murphy bed

The next type which can be your go-to option for the murphy beds in USA is the flip-up desk wall bed. The bed comes in a versatile setup which enhances the functionality of your living area.

This bed can be easily changed into the studio desk which will be taking hardly 10 seconds. You can effectively use this bed for the guests at night and convert it into the right furniture piece for your working space.

Murphy Bunk Beds

Having kids is definitely a blessing but you will need to provide proper and suitable accommodation for them. If you have 2 to 3 kids you cannot place separate beds for them in a limited space room.

The best way to go forward, in this case, is the use of the murphy bunk bed which will be a valuable addition to your kid’s room. This creative wall bed setup can easily accommodate two beds in the space of one.

There are models of the bunk beds which are accommodated with shelves, storage spaces, and one big desk for effective comfort and convenience. You don’t need to hang up this bed on the walls and you will not need the screws and the lengthy installation process.

The bed comes with a sleek and robust design that offers more storage and floor space. It is effective for kids as well as adults up to the age of 15 years or less.

Library Murphy Beds

If you are looking for something which is more sustainable and creative, you can opt for the library murphy beds. As per the suggestion which is given by its name, the library Murphy bed is the one which can be easily changed and transformed into a mini-library if you are not using the bed to lay down.

This is ideal if you have a workaholic schedule. This library Murphy bed system is an effective combination of a sturdy and comfortable bed coupled with the sliding bookcases.

This system is useful as well as a multifunctional attachment which is not only sturdy but offers a lot more innovation to the users. You can use the bookcases to create an effective collection of books for your décor.

The bed is a type that will couple innovation and creativity under one shed for your bedroom. You can accommodate your family members and gouts as well while they are visiting you in a comfortable space as well.


You have to consider the ceiling of your room as well. You can always go for the option of a bed which opens vertically or horizontally based on your convenience.

Choose the right Murphy bed type while considering the room space, ceiling, and usage considerations. They will go a long way for you so make sure that you give a read in case if you are opting for a murphy bed.

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