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5 Tips to Buy the Best Murphy Bed For Your Home

Worried with the lack of space and the piles of stuff that needs to be stuffed somewhere? If yes, you might need a furniture option that can do you favors in terms of space and storage. If you have a stacked up apartment that can either have a bed or sofa in the bedroom, then you are definitely in a pickle. The best way to solve this problem of yours is the Murphy Beds for your home.

Here are a few tips that will help you to find the Best Murphy Cabinet Bed for your home. They will go a long way for you so make sure that you give a read in case if you are opting for a Murphy bed.

1. Choose the Lift Mechanism Wisely

You must pay a lot more attention to the technical aspects of the beds while you are opting to get one for your bedroom. One of the major technical aspects is the lifting mechanism. You can opt for the spring mechanism if you are looking at a durable option which could last for at least 5 years. Although a bit noisy, it is easy to use in comparison to the piston option. You might have to lay the bed down before anyone comes to the room so save them from the noise.

However, the piston option is more durable and less noisy in comparison to the other option so make sure that you choose the one which suits you best.

2. Choose the Vertical Option

If you have a room that has a high ceiling, you can always go for the option of a bed which opens vertically since it will be more convenient. However, the most important concern of the horizontal or vertical opening comes when the ceiling is low so make sure that you measure your ceiling before you go out to look for a Murphy bed.

3. A Permanent Fixture or Free Standing?

For someone how is renting an apartment for a limited period of time, it is not recommended to get the permanent fixture Murphy bed since it is actually permanent and you cannot take it along with you whenever you will move. It actually becomes s apart of the home. So if you are a consistent hoarder, opt for a more suitable and movable option. However, a free-standing or a permanent fixture can act as a standing cabinet or a sofa during the day ad will be a bed at night for a person who is looking to install it in his home. Make sure that you do undertake this special consideration while you are opting to buy the bed.

4. Material is the Key

Do not miss out on the opportunity to choose the bed which is sturdier and has a robust build. You must not comprise on the material. A hardwood bed is the one which will be serving you the longest if you’re buying it for this prime reason. Since these beds are already costly, the best tip that we can give is to make sure that you choose the best bed without missing out on it to save some bucks. The money you spend here will go a long way for you. So make sure that you go for solid wood or MDF or even particleboard since they are more robust and worth every hard-earned penny.

5. Pricing Matters

If you are someone who spends every penny wisely, you will definitely be in a pickle owing to the crowning prices of the Murphy beds. But you must not lose heart since you can always be a couple of steps ahead if you have a clear cut idea of the product of your demand and its budget. While putting the money down for a Murphy bed, make sure that you consider its warranty and the material used as well as the overall design and infrastructure and every basic feature. Once you have a clear list of what you are looking for, scroll through the products in the category range, and choose the one that suits your budget.

You will eventually be spending around $2500- $3000 since Murphy beds are costlier than a regular bed so make sure that you are well aware of the pricing but don’t choose any bed that goes way beyond that since you might be getting scammed.


These 5 tips are the most useful ones from the long list of the tips that you could use while choosing the Murphy bed for your home. The bunk beds and the storage options are the other tips that you might want to dig into. Make sure that you choose the bed that suits your home and your budget while serving you the longest while making your money count. You can Buy Murphy Beds online from EMurphyBedStore.

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