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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Murphy Cabinet Bed

Not every one of us around here can afford a 2-3 bedroom apartment so accommodating all our furniture in the limited space we have is always a hassle. You cannot fully interior design your place if you are short on space. Your bed covers the most space in your bedroom so the best way to utilize this space is to remove this bed or get the best alternative, a Murphy cabinet bed. You can design and architect all your house interior around this Murphy bed setup. Here are a few more justifying and compelling reasons to buy and invest your money in a murphy cabinet bed.

1. The Ultimate Space Saver

Lacking space to put the rest of your stuff in the bedroom? No need to worry since you can have a queen size cabinet murphy bed all stacked up on your wall and opened when needed Not only will it save space, it will also make sure that your room pleases the eyes and does not look all stacked up. You can make the best use of the space by putting your bookshelves and decorative and add an aesthetic sense to your place.

2. Multi-Functionality

While space-saving is a great option for the cabinet Murphy bed, the ultimate deal sealer is the multi-functionality of the cabinet murphy beds. The multifunctional purpose is fulfilled by using the cabinet Murphy bed as a bed at night and during the day you can use the space for office and recreational purposes.

3. Comfortable 

The murphy beds are very comfortable since most of them come with a mattress. You can have the best sleep in those great beds.

4. The Storage Space To Die Fro

Although they have been a great space saver, they do offer more storage in terms of the drawers and cabinets. You can have a lot more storage to keep your stuff in the drawers ensuring that your space gives the best aesthetic sense and minimalistic look.

5. The Longevity 

The murphy beds are crafted with hardwood and exceptional quality material so they are robust and sturdy. You can buy a murphy bed and it might last a lifetime for you. Most beds made with wood come with a warranty of 25 years so they have a great shelf life and will serve you for a lifetime. You can easily invest your money in them without worrying much about their quality

6. Ease Of Use

While some might say that these beds are a lot of hassle, in reality, they are not. They save you from a lot of hassle associated with cleaning and usage daily. They are incredibly easy to use. You can pull them down and put them back by using the springs or hooks based on the type of bed you have. They do not come with any complications. You will not end up on a creaky sofa bed if you have a murphy cabinet bed to sleep on.

7. A Guest Room Good To Go

Having friends and family visiting over all the time might make you think to have a permanent guest room. But if you are already short n sauce, you can add a murphy cabinet bed in your lounge or living room and it will only be used when there is a guest. Your guest room will be ready and set to use in case it’s needed.

8. Customizable Designs And Configurations 

While many among us worry about the décor and the interior designs, the murphy cabinet beds are always filled with trendy designs to keep you up to date with the recent trends of the world. You can choose the bed with modern and stylish designs while maintaining the aesthetic sense as well.

When it comes to the shapes, designs, and types of the cabinet murphy beds, you will find that you can customize almost everything as per your needs which is a good reason to get a hand on one of these beauties.

9. Technologically Savvy

If you re someone who needs to have a TV in your room but don’t have space, you can use the technologically savvy cabinet murphy beds with the USB attachments for charging your phones and your TVs in the confined space.

10. Economically Efficient 

While many would argue that these beds are expensive when you’re buying them, but they are economically efficient and effective in the long run. Since they will be serving you for a long time, putting your foot down for a couple of thousand dollars will not put a big dent in your finances.

Based on the above-mentioned reasons, circle out the sturdiness, economical effectiveness, and multi-functionality of the murphy beds and make sure that you buy one since it will serve you for a long time.

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