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Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Murphy Bed

Murphy's bed has become an easy replacement for conventional beds. Though it was invented a century ago by William Murphy, it has become popular lately. In modern days, people prefer living in apartments than houses. Hence, the space is low, the rooms are smaller, and they require smart space management. In fact, the Murphy bed has been a smart decision as it perfectly administers the space within a room. Also known as a cabinet bed or wall bed, it can meet your needs ideally. You would come to know why people are crazy about this once you get one for your small apartment. Generally, it is a foldable bed that can be folded and concealed inside a cabinet. It can be installed well and offers great storage capacity.

Generally, it seems quite straightforward to explore the market and buy a Murphy bed. However, it is never that simple! There are certain things to worry about as far as buying such beds are concerned. You need to ask yourself a few questions. There are factors involved in the buying process that may impact your decision in the end. Therefore, these factors or things must be considered as well. Anyways, here are the most important questions to ask yourself before buying a Murphy bed:

1. Do I Lack Space in My Bedroom?

The first thing you need to know if you really need a Murphy bed. If you are living in a small apartment, you definitely need one. There must be a lack of space inside your room and hence the best bed that can fit well inside your room is the cabinet bed.

2. What is the Right Size for My Bed?

Several people think these beds are only available in one standard size. Definitely not! There are plenty of sizes available in these beds. You have the choice too. You can explore all the sizes and then buy the one that is the perfect size.

3. Will I Get the Installation Services?

Installing this bed is generally easy. However, you can’t try DIY methods to install the bed perfectly. You need professionals to serve you. The professionals are experienced and can install the bed in an ideal manner. So, when buying a bed, ask the provider if he would offer professional installation services.

4. How Often Will I Use My Murphy Bed?

When using a Murphy bed, it is not all about sitting on it or sleeping on it. You have to unfold and open it when looking to sleep and once you are up, you need to fold or conceal it back in the cabinet. So, this is what you need to be careful about as well.

5. Vertical or Horizontal Tilt?

There are two types of tilts available in these beds. There is either a vertical tilt or a horizontal tilt, and you can choose the one from these two. Both tilts are fine, and it all depends on your preference. Vertical tilts are more commonly used.

6. What is the best mattress my bed accommodates?

Once you know the size of the bed, the next size you should worry about is the size of the mattress. Also, remember this is not a conventional bed, so the mattress is a specific one for this. You need to know which mattress will be ideal for your bed.

7. What are the storage options inside the bed?

There must be a massive storage capacity inside the bed. Remember it is folded back inside the cabinet. The cabinet must involve storage for placing pillows and blankets. At times, these beds come with a couple of extra drawers to store other things, so if you can, prefer the one with additional drawers.

8. What will you do with the remaining space?

Once you fold the bed back into the cabinet, you have space left inside your room, what will you do then? An empty room would be even worse. Hence, you should make a decision here. There must be a sofa or anything that you will have in the remaining space.

9. Should I Buy a Murphy Bed Online?

You can either head towards the market or buy a Murphy bed or you can stay at home and order online. The right way is to buy online. You can visit an online store, explore their beds, check the sizes, and order the perfect one. It will be shipped to your doorstep.

10. How Much the Bed will cost?

The final thing! You need to know what the right price is for the Murphy bed you are buying. Compare the prices on different platforms. Learn the features the bed is offering and then figure out if the price is perfect for the Murphy bed you are buying!

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