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The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Murphy Beds

Being the best option to sort out your worries about storage and an effective option to sleep on in a comfortable bed, a Murphy bed is a great option. However, most people complain about these beds being not comfortable or big enough or having trouble to lock and unlock the beds for usage. This might lead a consumer to think that murphy beds might not be that good enough. However, there are tons of consumers who take a similar pattern of mistakes while choosing the Murphy bed which suits their needs in the best manner. Here are a few mistakes to consider and one should avoid them all costs as well.

Major Mistakes to Avoid

Not Putting Enough Effort to Measure

If you are too occupied to measure the wall, ceiling, and the entire length of your room, you must not buy a murphy bed out of assumptions. The bed needs a proper difference from the ceiling to be attached to the wall as well as enough room space to be opened for usage as a bed during the night. Having a lack of space and not doing the measurements of the room is a common mistake that most people make. It is therefore advised to measure each aspect before buying the best.

Installing the Best on Your Own

Having a skilled handyman from the place you bought the bed might cost you a few extra bucks but it will be beneficial in the Long run. A technical person will install it to perfection making sure that all bolts and screws are well installed and safe to use. You might be able to install the bed but you cannot ensure that it won’t fall off. Pay the few extra bucks upfront and don’t make the mistake of installing it yourself. You might damage the bed or even hurt yourself in the process.

Suitability of the Wall

It is a wring assumption that you can install the bed on any wall. A proper supporting wall is needed to support the weight of the bed and ensure that it won’t fall off or injure the person using it. Make sure that you choose a wall that has sturdy bolts to ensure that it came easily withstand and hold the weight on itself as well as the bed and the person lying on it.

The Style Might Not Suit Your Space

Magazines and furniture catalogs are big naysay for an average consumer. Although you will find the best pieces related to the murphy beds collection in such magazines that don’t necessarily mean that they would suit your space. Buying novelty items, bold designs and unconventional styles in the murphy beds might develop a bit of irritation overtime as they won’t bring the statement of comfort and everyday usage. You must opt for styles that blend in well with your lifestyle and your daily usage needs.

No Heed to Maintenance

Yes, you will have to maintain every piece of furniture that you buy. This includes the murphy beds as well. You cannot buy a Pale, textured, or fluffy upholstery or even natural wood with amazing chatoyance for a murphy bed without considering the fact that a cup of tea or even a glass of water can be spilled on it unintentionally which will require maintenance and cleaning. You might end up paying a lot in order to get the bed back to a proper shape while getting it cleaned and maintained. This can be a tricky idea in a place where children live as well since the chances of spillage increase by threefold in such cases. So make sure that you consider the maintenance aspects while buying the murphy beds.

Quality and the Price 

Most people opt for tuff which is fairly expensive and good looking but do not pay heed to the overall quality of the object. In the case of a murphy bed, you can choose tons of basic materials but the solid wooden frame cannot compete in terms of sturdiness and stability. While this is the case with the material of construction, the bed’s cushioning and covering must be of a fabric that does not hold stain or dirt. People like to opt for velvety stuff without realizing that you will need to clean out the dust and stains every now and then which is a hectic job to do. So make sure that you choose the right fabric and construction material for the bed.


While all of these mistakes are reversible, but they will cost you money and will be a big loss of time as well. So make sure that you avoid them at all costs and buy the Murphy bed which brings stability, longevity, safety, and comfort all at once to ensure that you make the most out of it in the best manner.

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