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How Much Does a Murphy Bed Cost?

Murphy beds have transformed the living spaces in recent times. People opt for these beds due to the fact that they offer a lot more comprehensive options for effective storage options.

However, the most important feature to consider while you are buying a murphy bed store for your home is the price of the bed. You can opt for the cheap ones if you are looking to buy them for a temporary phase of time.

If you are someone who spends every penny wisely, you will eventually be in a pickle owing to the crowning prices of the murphy beds since they are generally very pricey.

However, you should not get disappointed since this article will provide you a clear idea of the murphy bed as per your demand and its budget.

While putting the money down for a murphy bed, make sure that you consider its warranty and the material used in construction since the solid wood beds are a lot more expensive as compared to any other material.

However, a rough estimate is that you will eventually be spending around $2500- $3000 on the average quality murphy beds.

Cost Considerations in Installation

The cost considerations have to be made in the case of the murphy beds since they may range in quality, size, and pricing to a great degree. As an average homeowner, if you are looking to buy a murphy bed then you will have to spend as much as $2,000 to $4,000 on a single Murphy bed.

The installation costs are not included in the above-mentioned sum of money. If you are aiming to get the installation of a double or full-size Murphy bed done which comes with pistons made of the solid wood cabinet as well as shelves, then you will have to pay the additional installation costs of around $3,000.

The installation could be tricky and costly as well. If you have purchased a twin-size Murphy bed but it has no shelves, you will still need around $1,500 for its effective and safe installation.

A king-size Murphy bed which comes with shelves will cost you about 5,000 in total including the installation charges as well.

Cost As Per the Size

All of the costs will be changing as per the installation of the shelves and cabinets with the beds.

Twin-Size Wall Beds

The Twin-size Murphy beds are the ones that are smaller in size and well suited for a single person or children. You can easily accommodate a standard twin mattress of 38”x75” in it. It will be a great way to develop a child room which more twin beds for more children.

It will be a great space-saving option as well if you are living in small-sized apartments. The bed is going to cost you around $1,500 and $2,000 on average.

Double Murphy Bed

If you’re looking for a big bed but not as big as a queen-sized bed, the double murphy bed is the right option for you. A double Murphy bed or more popularly known as the full-size Murphy bed can accommodate people who like more space to sleep.

You can use a full-size 54”x75” mattress on it for effective usage. It is well suited for bulky and tall people as well as couples since it offers a lot more space and comfort as compared to an adult-sized bed. Alongside that, it comes at an affordable pricing of $2,000 and $3,000 so you have to get the installation done separately as well.

Queen Murphy Bed

If you have recently moved in into a new apartment with your partner or your spouse, you might need the ideal choice of couples these days which is a queen Murphy bed. This bed offers more space in comparison to a double or full bed.

You can easily accommodate a comfortable 60”x80” queen-size mattress on it which will offer enough space for two people to sleep comfortably. You can purchase this bed for the cost of around $2,900 to $4,000. You will have to pay for the installation separately.

King-Size Murphy Bed

If you have a big room and you want to accommodate a king-sized murphy bed, then you can have that installed in your room without giving a second thought, but the costs will be high.

The King-sized murphy beds come with additional width while accommodating 76”x80” mattresses effectively. The bed will cost you as much as $3,500 to $6,000 so it is one of the most expensive murphy beds option present to purchase. The installation will not be part of these costs.

High-quality beds are costlier than a regular bed so make sure that you are well aware of the pricing. The sturdiness and the durability of the beds make the money invested totally worth it.

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