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How Do I Order Murphy Beds Online in the USA?

Cabinet beds are making a comeback because they offer something a conventional bed cannot. You have plenty of space left in your bedroom so you can utilize it for something other than just sleeping. This is great when you have children and pets that are restless and need somewhere to play and muck around. Cabinet beds are also just neater, they allow your room to stay cleaner and it's much easier to vacuum crumbs and debris. However, there are some leading brands that you should consider putting first in your consideration box. One of them is eMurphy Bed Store. We have lots of different styles and colors to suit your needs and we’re going to go through them now; as well as the process of ordering your own.

Daily delight

We have four unique styles that we’d like you to explore. The first and perhaps the most popular is our Daily Delight style. This is perhaps the most contemporary-looking style as it has nice sleek lines, it blends into the background and looks just like a regular cabinet. We have 10 different variants in this category so take the time to explore each, and assess the features.

First take a look at the photos provided for each product. They give a full 360-degree view so you can see the bed and cabinet from every angle. This helps for our customers to picture the cabinet bed in their home. The next few steps to buy are simple. You will need to select the color and the quantity. Simply add the product to your cart and then follow the instruction on making payment and sharing your address so we can make delivery.


We have two new arrivals in this next category. This is a classic geometric design, with hand-carved wooden panels. The Paradiseo bed has a brilliant 6-inch foam mattress, with 3 unit boxes for additional storage. It folds up into a nice neat package, giving you room to use the bedroom for something else during the day. It could be used for doing yoga or pilates, or perhaps it could be a seating area for you and your spouse to watch TV. How you use the space that suddenly becomes available is up to you, but know that cabinet beds are the only type that can provide it. We also provide a charging station in the cabinet bed itself, so you can hook up your phone or other gadgets.

Night & Day

This style has lots of beach and small-town vibes. Made with excellent wood, they come with a 10-year warranty. As you can tell, these are made to last. On the side, you’ll find a built-in dual-mode power module, able to take USB cables. The bed comes with a trifold gel memory foam mattress, queen-sized. The design is something like that you would find in a beachfront house, because it has a pastel finish and a smooth exterior. When fully folded it can save you 10-square feet of space in any room it's in. it also comes with a large rolling drawer. Just select the color, make sure the dimensions are right for your home and add the product into your cart.

Arason Enterprises

If you want something with a little more traditional in it's design, the Arason Enterprise is for you. The design is also a little geometric, and makes use of shapes and lines that are symmetrical. It's inspired by an 18th-century European design, possibly French of Italian. The finish is very chic, with an affluent color choice and a comfortable queen size mattress, it looks as good as it feels.

It can support 500lbs and it's only 39-inches tall. If you find that any of our products are out of stock, it's with good reason. This type of cabinet bed is very hot on the market, with lots of customers who want something compact for their beach house, home and or holiday villa, are selecting this style in particular. But don’t worry, just give us a call and we’ll put you down as a customer-in-waiting.

If all is normal, however, select the color, put the product into your cart and then go straight to payment. The gateway is very simple to navigate, you’ll be asked your address details, your payment method preference and then we’ll give you some options for delivery.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us anytime. Use our website message option, our chat service or just call us. We would love to hear from you!

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