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Top 10 Brands To Buy Murphy Cabinet Beds Online In 2022

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Also called wall beds and cabinet beds, Murphy beds are a popular choice in the modern days. Yes, these are thought to be modern beds, but they have been around for a century. The first-ever Murphy Cabinet Bed was patented in 1911 and is named after William L. Murphy who invented it. In 2010, it made a sort of comeback and now it is the most commonly used bed.

There is no doubt on how advantageous this bed is. You must have learned about the different benefits that it offers, starting with saving space, and then the great storage capacity. You can fold the bed and conceal it into the cabinets. Also, there are huge drawers to store your pillows and blankets, etc. So, there is no surprise why you would be eager to buy a Murphy Cabinet Bed in 2022.

However, the important question is where to buy Murphy beds? Since there are a lot of furniture stores in the US offering cabinets beds, it makes your decision-making more challenging. Anyways, you can still buy the perfect cabinet bed you are looking for if you explore the market. No need to explore the market as we have brought the best furniture stores and brands where you can buy the highest quality Murphy beds. Since you are here to buy one, the following are the top 10 brands to buy Murphy cabinet beds online in 2022: is one of the most popular furniture brands in the US to buy Murphy beds. They specialize in providing cabinet beds. Based in the USA, they stock the most extensive variety of Murphy beds. Also, they let you buy their beds online. You can check the entire collection online and buy your desired cabinet bed by placing an order online. They provide free shipping in the US which is a huge facility as well. Also, the prices of their Murphy beds are the lowest in the market. Their range of Murphy beds includes Daily Delight Murphy Beds, Day & Night Beds, Paradiseo Beds, and Arason Enterprise's beds. So, the ideal choice to buy a Murphy Cabinet Bed is the!

Cabinet Bed USA is another popular brand to buy cabinet beds online. They provide a vast range of cabinet beds and accessories such as mattresses. They specialize in wooden beds and there is such a massive variety of wooden cabinet beds stocked by them. You can explore their collection of beds and buy your favorite one online.

Cabinet Bed Store stocks a massive selection of Murphy beds. Their beds differ in terms of materials used to manufacture them or the finish. Also, they provide cabinet beds of all brands such as Arason, Night & Day and Atlantic, etc. Furthermore, they offer full cabinet beds, queen-size beds, and sofa sleepers, etc.

Walled Beds by Wilding is another brand that offers wall beds, Murphy cabinet beds, and much more. Their stock includes dual-function beds, bookcase wall beds, bunk wall beds, and many others. No matter in which state you are residing in the US, you can buy your bed online and get it shipped to your address.

Futon Land provides Murphy beds since they specialize in functional furniture. Though they offer sofa beds and other furniture as well, their Murphy cabinet beds get the most attention. They can also provide you with comfortable and perfect mattresses for your cabinet beds.

Wayfair is one of the best and most popular furniture brands. It has earned a name in the industry due to the modern and trendy furniture they provide. As of late, they have been providing a magnificent selection of Murphy beds for sale. You can purchase your favorite one and get it shipped to your home quickly!

Hidden Bed USA, as the name suggests, provides hidden beds. Yes, the Murphy beds are the hidden beds since the beds can be hidden inside the cabinets. If you are keen to buy a cheap Murphy cabinet bed for your house with a lack of space, choose to buy from their offerings!


ATBD (America The Beautiful Dream) is a renowned online store in the US to buy Murphy and cabinet beds. They have a large variety of stunning beds, but their cabinet beds are loved by the customers. In addition, their prices are pretty reasonable!

At Murphy Bed Depot, you can buy cabinet beds from a great range of beds. Since they specialize in Murphy cabinet beds, we would focus on them. Their collection of beds is worth an exploration. Ensure to check their entire stock before you decide to buy one bed that you have chosen.

Hidden Bed of Oregon provides cabinet beds in the entire USA, not just in Oregon. They have such a gorgeous selection of cabinet beds and Murphy beds. Want to buy some cheap beds? This is the store to explore. They promise to provide the highest quality beds at the most reasonable prices!


So, these were the top 10 brands to buy Murphy cabinets beds online in 2022. The list includes the most trusted furniture stores and brands, and if you have chosen your brand, make sure to explore the collections of Murphy beds stocked by each of them. In the end, you want a perfect bed, no matter from which brand you are buying. You can place your order online and get the bed shipped to your door! However, before you buy one, make sure to consider the important buying factors such as the space available in your room, length and angle measurements, and storage, etc. so that you end up buying the perfect Murphy bed from the best furniture brand!

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