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The 10 Best Murphy Beds for Your Needs in 2022

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Murphy beds offer a combination of convenience, comfort, and portability.

● Daily delight Murphy bed with 6-inch memory foam mattress

● Daily delight Murphy Cabinet chest bed cherry twin XL

Daily Delight Murphy Bed with 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

● Night & Day Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

● Traditional Murphy Cabinet Bed Pekoe

● Brussels Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed

● Essex Queen Murphy Cabinet

● Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed

● Night & Day Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed

Paradise murphy bed with charging station and 6" memory foam mattress

Wall beds are popular in small spaces. Whether it is a studio apartment, room, or regular apartment, it adds to the elegance and item interchangeability, thus creating positive space that you can utilize. Besides proper utilization and beauty of the beds, the Murphy beds' finish, style, and class provide comfort and flexibility. The evolution in furniture has caused revamping of designs to a modern look but still maintain its primary functionality.

Daily Delight Murphy Bed With 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

It is best suited for teenagers and adults. You can use it daily as it provides comfort from the 6-inch memory foam mattress. It is a high-quality bed made from imported rubberwood paired with its gel-infused mattress. When you are not lying on it, you can use it as a cabinet dresser, TV stand, or storage unit. It comes in java, white, and cherry finishes.

Daily Delight Murphy Cabinet Chest Bed Cherry Twin XL

As the name suggests, it comes with a twin XL memory foam mattress that is gel-infused. Its solid wood designs from high-quality materials contribute to its sturdiness, beauty, and durability. It has an additional electrical port that makes the cabinet perfect for a TV stand.

Daily Delight Murphy Bed With 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

As the name suggests, it is an exquisite Murphy bed that prioritizes your comfort and health. The 8-inch foam mattress that comes with the bed is perfect for your health and gentle on your back.

It is made from the finest imported rubber, and you can find it in java, cherry, or white. You can use it as a TV stand, cabinet dresser, or a storage unit when you are not resting.

Night & Day Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

The modernity of this Murphy bed is evident in its USB provision. Its small size, tri-fold queen mattress, shallow sleep closure, and large drawer make it perfect for your guests.

Traditional Murphy Cabinet Bed Pekoe

It is a low-cost bed that offers more headroom by using the flip-top style cabinet. It has a sleek finish because of the high-end veneer materials that have been polished with a medium brown finish, hence the name Pekoe. Its drawers are quite spacious for fitting its pillows and beddings. It is easy to use as you do not remove or disorganized the items on the workable top surfaces to unhinge them.

Brussels Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed

This murphy bed comes with its free-standing cabinet and does not need to be bolted on the wall or floor. It is, therefore, easy to assemble and comes with a high-resilient queen-size mattress that is perfect for your body contours. Its spacious drawers and sturdy structure make it easy to double up as a good storage cabinet with a relatively workable surface. The variants in its finishes range from charcoal grey, white, and ash.

Essex Queen Murphy Cabinet

The design of this murphy type bed is inspired by the crisscross decorations of Essex's window. It uses the flip-top front panel design, thus providing more headroom for the user. This beautiful Tudor-styled bed comes in black, white, and ash wood finishes. It is also fitted with large storage drawers, a free-standing cabinet, and a tri-fold foam mattress.

Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed

This Murphy bed rivals the night and day clover murphy bed by being similar in its characteristics bar folding trays. It has excellent solid wood construction and a large storage drawer that makes it perfect for instant guests.

Night & Day Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed

The affordability of this type of murphy bed is what gives it an edge over the other types. It has a solid wood construction finish with a large rolling storage drawer. The installed USB port makes it a good deal as it gives value for money.

Paradise Murphy Bed With Charging Station And 6" Memory Foam Mattress

It is an easy-to-assemble Murphy bed unit that is best for apartments and daily use. It comes with a 6-inch foam memory mattress that can fit in your queen-size bed. Once folded, it is perfect for storage or a TV stand. You can find it in Cherry or Tobacco wood shades.

Try these murphy beds this year, and you will not regret them!

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