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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Wisconsin

Murphy Beds can be incredibly useful in homes of all shapes and sizes. Giving you the ability to transform any room into a bedroom without having to commit to the change on a long-term basis. Wisconsin is packed with great murphy bed stores that give you the chance to find the perfect murphy bed for your home. But what exactly do you have on offer? Join us as we explore 10 of the best Murphy Bed Stores in Wisconsin.

EMurphy Bed Store is widely recognized as one of the most popular murphy bed stores in Wisconsin. Providing a vast range of different foldable wall beds, this store is great for anyone with strong style preferences and an eye for detail. From those that hang on walls to options that are hidden in cabinets, EMurphy Bed Store offers one of the widest ranges of Murphy Beds found across the world. This makes this store ideal for just about any murphy bed customer.

2. Wall Bed Furniture

Wall Bed Furniture based in Hudson. As a smaller company, this murphy bed store is able to provide a personal service that will make your experience a pleasure. All of the products that come from this store have been made by skilled US-based craftspeople, providing you with options that can be made to measure while also retaining the quality you would expect from an expert bed maker. Alongside murphy beds, this store can also make cabinets that will fit seamlessly with the bed in your home.

3. Wisconsin Closet Company

Taking a modern approach to traditional furniture, the Wisconsin Closet Company is another popular choice for those living in Wisconsin. Like many of the other Murphy Bed companies on the market, this store provides custom murphy bed services that will give you the chance to create an environment that is ideal for your guests. This company focuses on creating murphy beds that perfectly integrate into your rooms so that they always maintain their original purpose, rather than simply becoming a bedroom.

4. Inspired Closets

Like many of the murphy bed stores in Wisconsin, Inspired Closets provides a bespoke service that makes it possible to turn your rooms into bedrooms without having to change their original purpose. Alongside murphy beds, this company can also provide cabinets and closets that match the bed that you’re adding to your home, creating a seamless look that will feel modern and fresh without making your home feel the same as everyone else’s.

5. Midwest Garage Solutions

Focusing on providing solutions that are designed to make it easier to make use of your garage, Midwest Garage Solutions is a popular choice for anyone looking for smart storage solutions for their home. Alongside working with garages, this company can provide bespoke murphy bed solutions that will work in most spaces. This is ideal for anyone with a small space that they would like to maximize, with this company offering a host of additional products that will make this process much easier.

6. Hyde-It

As its name suggests, Hyde-It is a company that loves to work with storage solutions that don’t take over your life. Being able to hide clothing, tools, and even furniture can all be great benefits in a smaller home. Hyde-It can produce custom murphy beds that will work in just about any home, giving you the chance to hang a bed on the wall and enjoy the space benefits that come with it. This company offers free consultations that make it really easy to get started with your project.

7. California Closets

Unlike many of the other companies on this list, California Closets doesn’t make bespoke options for its customers. Instead, this company offers premade murphy beds that are affordable, easy to put together, and designed to last. This makes this store ideal for those who are on a tight budget with their project, giving you the chance to save loads of money when you decide to skip designing the murphy bed you want. Of course, though, you need to be careful to make sure that the option you buy fits your space when you use options like this.

8. Murphy Bed Depot

Murphy Bed Depot is one of the largest companies in Wisconsin that focuses on selling murphy beds. This company is able to offer a wide range of options to those who want to add a wall bed to their home, with custom options and premade products giving you the chance to balance your budget with the choices you get to make. This store has been around since 1995, giving it an edge against many newer stores that lack the same experience.

9. The Closet Company

The Closet Company is another business that focuses on providing smart bespoke storage solutions. This murphy bed store is a great choice for those who want to make entire rooms around their murphy bed, giving you the chance to choose options that other stores simply can’t offer. Of course, having a bespoke company like this do your job can make it cost a lot more, but many small homes leave their owners with little choice.

10. Murphy Bed Lifestyles

As the last murphy bed store to look at, it’s time to visit Murphy Bed Lifestyles. This company offers whole-room transformations, with all of its work revolving around murphy beds and other smart storage solutions. This can give you the power to transform your home without having to worry about the significant costs that will often come with work like this. This company will work with you throughout every step on your murphy bed journey.

As you can see, those in Wisconsin have access to a host of excellent murphy bed companies that can all provide excellent options. It’s always worth shopping around and exploring the market when you’re looking for products like this, giving yourself the chance to save some money without having to compromise on the murphy bed that you buy.

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