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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Washington

In the past, Murphy Beds were popular with people who lived in small homes or apartments. Today, Murphy Beds are becoming more and more mainstream as a way to maximize space. This article will talk about what Murphy beds are, how they're used, and some of the benefits of purchasing one for your home.

What Is A Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a wall bed that folds up into an alcove when not in use. You can store it against the wall or slide it out from its hiding place to make more room in your bedroom for other furniture such as bookshelves or tables.

Although Murphy beds don't have frames to support them as most beds do, they're sturdy enough for daily use when placed on a solid surface such as flooring or tiling. However, people who live in earthquake zones should consider placing their furniture elsewhere if possible because there's nothing to stop it from sliding across the bedroom during an earthquake.

For years, Murphy beds were only used in houses where space was at a premium. Nowadays, these can be found just about anywhere, and people are using them for various reasons - to create more comfortable rooms or guest bedrooms without taking up too much precious square footage!

Murphy bed stores have been flourishing in the US market due to their ability to provide practical, compact beds.

Here are the 10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Washington

eMurphy Bed Store

eMurphy Bed Store is the best place to find a Murphy bed for your apartment or house in America. eMurphy Bed Store offers a wide variety of styles and some stylish furniture pieces that will help you get your small apartment feeling like home in no time.

With so many options, it's easy to find one that will work well with any space and budget you have. If you're looking for an affordable yet quality mattress store, look no further than their wide selection of beds available today!

eMurphy Bed Store is your one-stop shop to turn any room into a bedroom. With their wide variety of murphy bed options, they will have the perfect design for you and your lifestyle!

Expand Furniture

Expand Furniture designs and manufactures furniture for modern living. They design compact, convertible pieces that will fit any space because of the trend toward smaller square footage. At Expand Furniture, you can find Murphy Bed Tables, Desks with hidden storage compartments underneath to maximize your small-space living needs!

Expand furniture offers furniture that has been tailored to meet the demands of modern living. With apartments and homes trending towards smaller square footage, it is necessary for better-designed compact furniture. Hidden beds are specialty items like Murphy Bed Tables, Desks, Murphy Sofas with folding Bunk Beds, or Storage beds which can be used as sofas in small spaces while still being comfortable enough to sleep on during the day!

EcoNize Closets

EcoNize Closets© is a family-owned and operated company that has been designing custom storage solutions for years. The EcoNize team can help customize the perfect design to meet your needs, whether it be more space in the bedroom or apartment living room. With their wide selection of wall beds, bi-folds, platform/panel systems, and closet organizers, they have something for everyone!

Murphy Bed Lifestyles

Murphy Bed Lifestyles has been in the business of installing quality murphy beds for many years. They have always had a high customer referral rate because they provide some unique services, such as accommodating any size mattress and using your preferred type of springs. If you're unsure which model is best suited for you, their employees can help walk you through all possible options before deciding on what would work best!

Italian Murphy Beds

In 2000, the Italian Murphy Beds company was started to provide customers in Washington DC and across North America with quality murphy beds from Italy.

Their goal is to make it easier for people who don't have a lot of space but still want luxurious furniture at an affordable price! Since then, they've expanded into all kinds of other products by Colombo Furniture Company based out of Northern Italy that are also available today like sofas, tables, desks, etc.

Everything you need while always being committed to providing high-quality goods made from only the finest materials at competitive prices!

Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture is a local store specializing in catering to your needs of saving space with murphy wall beds and desk wall beds. These space-saving furniture options are perfect for small bedrooms or home offices where you need the room!

Resource Furniture has what you need if you're looking for a Murphy bed in Washington, DC! Their wall beds are engineered and made by Clei, an Italian company that's been transforming furniture since the 1950s.

Closet America

Closet America makes Murphy beds that work well with any contemporary lifestyle while giving you ample closet storage for all of your clothes.

Closet America is the perfect way to get your home organized. Closets are a great space for storing clothes and getting ready, but they can quickly become cluttered with too many items or unexpected visitors. With Murphy beds from Closet America, you have more room than ever before!


MurphyRoom© can create the perfect design so that your guests always feel comfortable and well taken care of while also satisfying all your needs as an individual or family member in need of room to work from home.

MurphyRoom© is a full-service design and remodeling company that works with you to determine your exact needs.

Z Furniture

Z Furniture is a furniture store for contemporary and modern furnishings, such as living rooms, Murphy beds, and platforms. In addition, they have an excellent selection of dining tables & chairs, and stools to go with them! You'll be spoiled for choice when shopping through the inventory at Z Furniture's website today!

Thorne & Company Furniture

Thorne & Company Furniture is a local, family-owned store that has been selling Murphy Beds in Washington, DC. The company offers excellent customer service and quality furniture at affordable prices.

They sell high-quality Murphy Beds all over the United States, including Washington DC and surrounding areas. So if you live in or near Washington DC and are looking for a comfortable bed that can serve as an easy chair when not used, Thorne & Company Furniture is your best option!


As you can see, Murphy beds are great for saving space! They're also handy when there's not enough room to put all the furniture in your bedroom.

The best part of having a Murphy bed is that it doesn't take up any storage space after use - just push back against the wall or slide out from its hiding place as needed.

When they're tucked away, no one will even know you have a Murphy Bed unless you tell them because they look like an ordinary piece of furniture - which means kids and pets won't be able to climb on top either.

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