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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has been a home to tons of innovations but the major innovation which has rocked the homes of the residents in the area are the murphy beds. They have revolutionized the manner in which people used to design and decorate their bedrooms. For people who are cramped on space and have hardly any space left to have a normal and regular bed to sleep at night, murphy beds have been a perfect solution. From offering more space to acting as part time office space during the day and a lot more drawers for storage options, these beds have taken the Philadelphia resident by a storm. So if you are keen to find yourself and the interior of your bedroom with a comfortable, cozy and high quality murphy bed, you can find them in tons of stores across Philadelphia.

However there are a few stores who will guarantee you not only high quality but also affordability and sturdiness. So scroll through to know where you can find the Murphy bed to give a perfect look to your home across Philadelphia.

Evolving as one of the leading furniture stores across the USA, EMurphy Bed Store has been offering a versatile yet a trendy and modern catalog of the Murphy beds. You can check their online stores to avail all the amazing murphy beds in wooden built, with high gloss and paint finish, as well as 3-4 drawers which are more than enough to accommodate all you stuff. They have been offering these beds at an affordable rates.

Inspired Closets

Don’t go any further if you are aiming to buy high end and high quality murphy beds which depict a touch of classiness while being modern. Inspired Closets has been offering a murphy beds in high quality designs and sturdy builds.

California Closets - Philadelphia

California closets is one of the leading furniture brands across Philadelphia. You can avail the trendiest and high quality made murphy beds from California Closets. Despite the store’s chain branches across USA, you will always find high quality murphy beds in wooden frames and various types of installation settings to make sure that they are well accommodated in the rooms of the customers.

Furniture Mecca

Just as the name suggests, the store is a haven for furniture options across Philadelphia. You can avail the murphy beds in customized sizes and build from Furniture Mecca. You can get in touch with time to get your murphy beds


One can never go wrong at IKEA even if they don’t know what to buy. The company has stores across Philadelphia where they offer tons of options in the murphy beds. You can buy those beds for the kid’s room or even your own bedroom to make sure that it makes use of the storage space in the perfect manner.

Studio 882 furniture and design

If you are from Philadelphia, you might have already heard of Studio 882 for all the right reasons. The company has been offering a versatile catalog of murphy beds to its clientele across PA. You can visit their stores or get your desired murphy bed delivered right at your doorstep across Philadelphia. Quality and affordability is guaranteed.

Raymour & Flanigan Furniture and mattresses

Avail high quality murphy beds from Raymour & Flanigan Furniture and mattresses which is also one of its kind furniture store in the city of Philadelphia. You can couple these hard wood murphy beds with murphy arm chair and lamps which will further elevate him interior of your room.

Grossman Furniture

When it comes to the locally based furniture stores offering the murphy beds, the best ones that top the list are the Grossman furniture, you can avail tons of options in the wall beds. The company further offers the installation services as well so you can choose and buy the bed of your choice and the company will ensure that it is installed well in your space.

Mattress Firm

You can avail the mattresses as well as murphy beds from stores like Mattress firm which has been offering these beds at such an affordable rate. You can avail all these products online as well so make sure that you visit their online store as well as in-store to get the murphy beds.

Coaster furniture

The last one on the list where you can avail high quality murphy beds is Coaster Furniture. You can avail these beds from the site as well as online.

Make sure that you go to one of these stores to buy your desired murphy bed.

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