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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Montana

Murphy beds are an excellent choice for people living in a small place, guest room, or even an office. Also, the Murphy bed is an innovative piece of furniture that is made to fold up into a wall. And the best part about this wall bed is that you can tuck it away to give you more space whenever you are not sleeping on it. So, if you are looking for a Murphy bed store in Montana, here are the ten best stores you can visit:

eMurphy Bed Store

eMurphy bed store is the best place to buy a wall bed for your house or apartment. This is one of the leading murphy bed sellers in the United States that offers innovative work of art wall beds. Keeping in mind the price, quality, and variety of beds, this store needs to be on top of your list.

There are multiple types of murphy beds sold at this online store. For instance, you can get the twin murphy bed. Besides, they sell all sizes of wall beds made from a variety of high-quality materials. All cabinet beds from this store are very easy to tuck in, and there is nothing complicated about them.

Montana Murphy Beds

Montana murphy beds is another store you can check out if you are looking for wall beds for your house or apartment. Wall beds are known to save you space and offer you an extra room for your visitors to sleep. So if you are looking for that bed that can be tucked away whenever not in use, this store got you. Montana murphy beds can handle any wall bed design and creation, as well as the mounting of your custom wall bed if you are in Missoula, Montana.

Montana murphy store offers unique and handmade wall beds for you; some of the varieties available include the vertical Murphy beds, Side-tilt Murphy beds, and side cabinet options.

Black Timber Furniture Co.

The Black Timber Furniture Co. is a dealer in handmade furniture, designed and built to demand by local Montana woodworkers. This company specializes in hand-making solid wood custom-made furniture for clients in Southwest Montana as well as across North America.

Almost all their products are sourced locally, are chemical-free, and, best of all, are made to be artistic and functional at the same time. Black timber furniture specialized in making murphy wall beds, among many other types. Wall beds by Black Furniture are made to help you get extra space out of your room.

Four Corner Furniture

Four corner furniture in Bozeman specializes in custom-made furniture, like murphy beds. Regardless of whether you want to get a new design, modify your current piece or start from scratch, you can get the help you need from their furniture consultants. All pieces of furniture from this store are made and designed in their Bozeman, Montana showroom.

Some of their furniture designs can include industrial metal, glass, and recycled tin. This allows you to choose any style of bed you want, from the contemporary, urban to modern and rustic designs; this store has your back.

Big sky Murphy Beds

If you live in a micro-condominium or a small apartment in Montana, a murphy wall bed can significantly help you as it takes up little space. And when not in use, you can tuck this bed so that it can look like a regular wall storage unit or even a closet. So, if you want to save space and buy a murphy bed, Big Sky Murphy Beds can sort you out. All their murphy beds are made by local Montana woodworkers and can come in twin or king sizes.

Ashley Furniture Home Store

Are you a sleeper who chooses a type of bed that ensures you are comfortable sleeping but have little space for a king-size bed? Ashley Furniture Home Store offers the best beds ideal for small spaces; besides, these types of beds can work in large rooms, too, if you want to get extra space for guests to sleep.

This store is committed to being your most trusted partner and style spearhead for your apartment or even condo. So, if you are looking for a customized wall bed that will reflect your style and looks, they can help you.

Long Island Closet Designs

Did you know that a murphy bed can also be folded up against your wall and be a closet? This will allow you to save on floor space. It is also a great alternative to an extra guest bed, and when closed, a Murphy bed can look like a closet, bookcase, or even a wood panel.

Murphy beds from Long Island Closet Designs are made of styles that can work with any needs; they make and install the bed for you making sure that all wall bed prices are factory direct.

Rustic Renewals

Are you losing your sleepover getting a bed that will suit your space and lifestyle? If you are having a hard time getting a customized bed for you, Rustic renewals can just be the place for you. You can get a wall bed tailored to meet your specific needs, and you can mix the types of materials you want and get value for your money.

This store specializes in recreating wood pallets for furniture, sign, and novelties, so if you want that customized and unique bed for your house, just contact them.

Slumberland Furniture

Slumberland Furniture is a furniture company with stores in numerous locations including, Billings, Montana. Its mission is to enhance the lives of every customer using its products, services, and company values.

This company was established on a new trend of mattresses that specializes in sleep. However, there are a variety of wall beds that you can find at this store, for instance, the Clover murphy bed cabinet and many others.

Bobcat Mattresses

Bobcat mattresses are a furniture store located in Bozeman, Montana, that specializes in many things furniture included. Bobcat mattresses was established in the spring of 2008 by now the primary owner Alonzo and his brothers. You can get anything you want from this store, from beddings, mattresses, appliances, and flooring products.


A murphy bed can get rid of hiding spaces for clutter, making your area less likely to get messy or cluttered. This will then allow you to save more money in your pocket and help you ensure you don’t get more pressure due to an extended mess.

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