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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Minnesota

Murphy beds are beds that have been designed to fold away or be concealed in other pieces of furniture. Giving owners of small homes the chance to make their space work far better for their needs, this type of bed is ideal in a range of scenarios, and this has made them very popular in the modern world. Minnesota is packed with great murphy bed stores, but you will need to take the time to find the best one for you when you are exploring this market.

As one of the most popular murphy bed stores in Minnesota, EMurphy Bed Store is a great choice for anyone looking for products like this. Offering both bespoke and premade murphy beds, this store is able to provide affordable options that will work for just about any budget, while also giving you plenty of control over the bed that is used in your home. This makes it possible to plan the perfect room, all without having to compromise on the way that your space is used.

Twin Cities Closet Company

As one of Minnesota’s most popular closet companies, Twin Cities Closet Company is a good choice for those who are looking for options that will make their home work for them. All of this company’s murphy beds are made in Minnesota and you can even work with the company’s designers to create something unique to your home. This is ideal for anyone who has very specific ideas in mind for their home, giving you the chance to fit your bed around the space and furniture you already have.

Wall Bed Furniture

Wall Bed Furniture based in Hudson. As a smaller company, this murphy bed store is able to provide a personal service that will make your experience a pleasure. All of the products that come from this store have been made by skilled US-based craftspeople, providing you with options that can be made to measure while also retaining the quality you would expect from an expert bed maker. Alongside murphy beds, this store can also make cabinets that will fit seamlessly with the bed in your home.

Techline Twin Cities

Techline Twin Cities makes fitted furniture that has been designed for both businesses and homes. This experience in the corporate sector means that this company is able to provide incredibly robust and high-quality pieces of furniture without forcing you to break the bank. This is ideal for anyone looking to find Murphy beds that will be well-used, with loads of options available that will work for your home.

Room & Board Outlet

As its name suggests, Room & Board Outlet offers furniture and home accessories that have been initially designed for use in hotels and other business environments. This means that the murphy beds offered by this store are very high quality and have been designed to withstand the rigors of hotel life. This ensures that you are able to get a good piece of furniture at a reasonable price, but you won’t have much control over the way that your furniture looks.


Hiding the possessions that you have but don’t want to use all the time can be a good way to declutter your space, and this is what Hyde-It is all about. Creating custom smart storage solutions for homes with limited space, this company offers a wide variety of murphy beds that can give you everything you need to make your home feel special. Minimizing the footprint of a bed can be hard, but Hyde-It can help you to remove this challenge when you’re working on your home.

Slumberland Furniture

Slumberland is one of the largest bed and mattress manufacturers in the world, providing options that will work for most homes. Slumberland Furniture has a large store in Minnesota, offering customers the chance to find exactly what they want from a wide range of options, including murphy beds. All of the options from this store are premade, but you can get help from the experts you find in-store to make sure that you pick options that work for your home.

Murphy Bed Depot

Murphy Bed Depot is one of the largest bed companies in Minnesotta that focuses on selling murphy beds. This company is able to offer a wide range of options to those who want to add a wall bed to their home, with custom options and premade products giving you the chance to balance your budget with the choices you get to make. This store has been around since 1995, giving it an edge against many newer stores that lack the same experience.

Becker Furniture World

Becker Furniture World has long had a good name for itself in Minnesota. Providing custom-made furniture at affordable prices, this company can build a murphy bed that will perfectly match the size of your home. Alongside custom-made options, Becker also offers premade furniture that comes in at a lower cost. This gives customers the chance to save money while still benefitting from the quality craftsmanship of this brand.

Murphy Bed Lifestyles Minnesota

As the last murphy bed store to look at, it’s time to visit Murphy Bed Lifestyles. Working to offer whole-room transformations, this company is able to build your space around the murphy bed that you start with. This gives you the chance to get all of the furniture you need for a room, while also providing an opportunity to get help from an expert. This company will work with you throughout every step of your murphy bed journey.

Murphy Beds can be excellent for most homes, providing a small and convenient option for homeowners who don’t want to take up all of the space they have with beds and other furniture. Many of the best murphy bed stores in Minnesota are also able to provide other smart storage solutions that will improve your home. This makes it easy to get started when you want to make a convenient and space-saving home.

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