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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores In Minneapolis, MN

There are a lot of names for a Murphy bed, such as a wall bed, a cabinet bed, a fold-down bed, a pull-down bed and many more. It is a type of bed which is hinged on one end to be stored vertically in a cabinet or a closet. Sometimes, it is stored vertically against a wall. William Lawrence Murphy was the inventor of this bed who was creative enough to make a bed that fits well in his small space. As of now, we love these wall beds because they are perfect for small apartments.

Are you looking to buy some Murphy beds in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Well, there are hundreds of stores here offering Murphy beds of the highest quality. However, we have done our research to bring you the top bed stores in Minneapolis where you can find your desired wall beds and buy them online or in-store. So, here are our top 10 picks:

Emurphy Bed Store is one of the best Murphy bed stores in Minneapolis, MN. They have an extensive variety of Murphy wall beds as they specialize in providing these beds. Their collection of masterpiece cabinet beds includes popular designs and styles of wall beds that are ideal for your small apartments in Minneapolis. You can buy their beds online and get your bed delivered to your doorstep. Also, they can assist you with installation services and help you get your Murphy bed installed perfectly in the cabinet or wall. Their beds are easy to assemble and can be customized according to your needs. Moreover, their prices are the lowest in the market.


SICO Inc. is a popular brand when it comes to Murphy beds. They are the greatest wall bed dealers in the USA. They have their stores in Minneapolis and everywhere in the US. You can get your desired beds, exploring their collections.

Techline Twin Cities

Techline Twin Cities is one of the best Murphy bed stores to buy wall beds of all styles. You can buy their beds online. Their collection of beds is worth an exploration. Make sure to explore their beds and buy them as their prices are low and the quality is incredible.

Twin Cities Closet Company

Another familiar name in the world of Murphy beds, Twin Cities Closet Company provides an extensive range of cabinet beds. They have such an amazing variety and high-quality beds. You can get customized Murphy beds from them and get quick and excellent installation. Yes, you can buy their beds online.

Becker Furniture World

Becker Furniture World specializes in providing furniture of all kinds. However, their Murphy beds are just awesome. They have some cool ones with Day & Night furniture. So, if you are a fan of the Day & Night Murphy beds, you can buy them here at extremely reasonable prices.

DMP Furniture

DMP Furniture is one of the top names in the furniture world. Though they offer a wide variety of furniture, you can buy their wall beds as well. They have a cool selection of customizable Murphy wall beds to choose from. Choose your desired bed from their collection and get it at a reasonable price.

Murphy Bed Lifestyle

Murphy Bed Lifestyle has many locations and one of their stores is located in Minneapolis, MN. They promise to provide wall beds at any budget. So, no matter what your budget is, you can get your favourite wall bed from them. Their beds are elegant, transformative and quite flexible.

Closets For Life

Closets for Life has expertise in providing and installing wall beds. Located in Minneapolis, they can provide you with every Murphy bed you are looking for. Check their entire stock to find some of their masterpieces. As far as the prices are concerned, they are actually quite affordable.

The Mattress Superstore

The Mattress Superstore is one great store in Minneapolis providing wall beds, mattresses and more. They are known to be providing the most comfortable beds. Their quality of the furniture is simply outstanding.

Mattress Firm

Mattress firm is one of the best furniture and mattress stores in Minneapolis providing a wide range of wall beds and mattresses. They are among the cheapest stores to buy wall beds in this city as well. Their prices for their wall beds are quite affordable. So, these were the top Murphy bed stores in Minneapolis, MN. Go ahead and get your Murphy beds from your chosen store.

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