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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Chicago

Despite originally hitting the market in the early 20th century, Murphy beds have enjoyed a major upturn in popularity over the past decade. As homeowners and tenants try to maximize the space in their home, finding the best Murphy bed stores in Chicago has become the ultimate place to start.

Whether seeking a vertical bed that’s signed to the wall or a fold-down bed that’s stored inside a cabinet, the best Murphy bed stores in Chicago will point you towards the bed of your dreams.

eMurphy Bed Store

The eMurphy bed store boasts one of the largest selections of stylish and practical Murphy beds in America and offers free delivery to customers in Chicago. Having helped thousands of consumers in Illinois, it has established its place as the #1 specialist.

Its Daily Delight, Paradiseo, Night & Day, and Arason ranges all bring premium materials and exquisite design to the table. Likewise, various sizes are offered. The company’s highly professional and passionate sales agents can help all users find the perfect product for their home. Because they specialize in this style of bed, you can be 100% confident about your purchase.

The company also provides video tutorials to help you get more out of your Murphy bed.

Murphy Wallbed Systems Inc.

With a global presence spanning from London to Hong Kong, Murphy Wallbed Systems Inc. can certainly fill you with confidence. And its flagship store in Chicago means you’ll get the local experience too.

The company sells a wide range of Murphy beds and alternative wallbeds. Whether you want a hinged wallbed or a unit that is contained in a cabinet is up to you. It is also possible to find solutions where the bed is flanked by shelving and wardrobes. Consumers can also find a selection of frame-only products as well as products that include a mattress.

Their ultra-compact studio units are a very popular choice.

Closet Works

Custom manufactured wallbeds and closet spaces will cost a little more. However, they can be the perfect way to overcome the challenges of working in an odd-shaped room. Closet Works provides bespoke solutions you can rely on.

Closet Works delivers quick turnarounds at competitive prices for bespoke models. Whether the Murphy bed is a standalone unit or used in conjunction with other furniture pieces, the company can produce a result that makes living spaces work harder. Both vertical and horizontal beds can be ordered.

The company boasts over 30 years of industry experience.

Affordable Portables

The clue is in the title, and this company offers compact and portable cabinet beds at affordable prices. With stores in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois residents are guaranteed great results.

Their Murphy cabinet cubes are very compact, making them a great option for guest bedrooms as well as compact studio apartments. While there are very few options other than colors to select, the quality of the materials makes it one of the best Murphy beds stores in Chicago if the small units satisfy your criteria.

The Chicago store is located at 2608 N.Clark St.


Amazon remains a good option for purchasing just about any product, including beds. The Murphy style bed can be found on Amazon from independent sellers in Chicago, as well as those that deliver to Windy City.

There are a few potential issues to consider. For starters, you may not be able to verify the independent seller. Likewise, you may face unnecessary headaches if trying to return the bed or seek an exchange should there be an issue. Meanwhile, you may find that many of the products you click aren’t actually available in Chicago or come with huge delivery fees.

Still, it is an option to consider. At the very least, it offers great research.

Thorne & Co.

The Thorne & Co. collection of Murphy beds covers a variety of finishes including cherry, white, white bark and more. While the furniture retailer is known for offering much more than only Murphy beds, the furniture piece is a firm favorite.

Primarily focusing on cabinet Murphy beds, the outlet has a range of single and double bed options available. All are made from high-quality woods while the doors, handles, and shelves have all been tested. Therefore, they are built to retain their esthetic appeal and last a lifetime.

Chicago residents can benefit from free delivery.

Mike’s Furniture

Given that it offers a wide selection of internal and external furniture pieces for the home, you may assume that Mike’s Furniture isn’t a good option. Despite not specializing in them alone, the quality of wallbeds should not be ignored.

Having been open since 1975, Mike’s is one of Chicago’s longest-running furniture and appliance retailers. Their Murphy beds range offers a wide selection of products while its clearance section and financing options give you plenty of options. Frames and mattresses can be purchased separately or together.

You’ll definitely want to use the company for appliances. It’s not a bad shot for beds either.

Home Element

The Home Element range of compact folding wall beds is only a small selection of what the company has to offer. Nonetheless, a selection of wall bunk beds, queen beds, and double beds means that there are suitable options for many rooms.

Wall folding bunk beds are probably the pick of the range, the other items still boast a very good quality. Buyers can also select from a range of colors. The company additionally produces a range of other items for bedrooms, dining spaces, and living rooms. So you can build a consistent look.

Home Element is located at 743 Wells Street.

Inspired Closets

The Inspired Closets company boasts several stores, and its Second City store is arguably its best, not least when looking for the best Murphy bed stores in Chicago. It has a solid selection of equally solid beds.

Their selection of Murphy beds help you transform spaces in an eye-catching and practical way. You will find various colors and wood styles, as well as different cabinets. Wallbeds for the bedroom and cabinet beds for living rooms in studio apartments are readily available from the outlet.

They also offer competitive pricing and quick deliveries.

Murphy Bed Lifestyles

At Murphy Bed Lifestyles, you will find several great quality Murphy beds in the heart of north Chicago. Buyers will need to show patience as their cabinets and frames are manufactured. But the quality makes it worthwhile.

Crucially, the bespoke models are made with the dimensions of your room in mind. As such, the spaces will be used to their full potential. This can unlock a happier home environment, which is the least you deserve. The fact you can have the bed made to any size means you can use your existing mattress too. As long as it’s in good condition.

For custom-built options, it is one of the best Murphy bed stores Chicago has to offer.

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