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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Cambridge

Nestled in the heart of academic excellence and cultural richness, Cambridge stands as a city where residents value both intellect and aesthetics. Recognizing the importance of maximizing living spaces, the residents turn to Murphy beds for a seamless blend of functionality and style. This guide delves into the distinctive offerings of Emurphy Bed Store and introduces nine other standout Murphy bed stores in Cambridge, each contributing to the city's diverse furniture landscape. From the space-maximizing designs of SpaceSavers to the sustainable options at EcoHome Furniture, Cambridge residents have an array of choices to elevate their living spaces with efficiency and elegance.

Emurphy Bed Store stands as a beacon in the realm of Murphy bed providers, offering a diverse and extensive collection that ensures unparalleled satisfaction in your quest for the ideal Murphy bed. Whether you're captivated by space-maximizing designs, eco-friendly options, or innovative styles, Emurphy Bed Store remains the go-to destination for enhancing your living space with efficiency and elegance.

Cambridge Murphy Beds

Cambridge Murphy Beds and More is dedicated to catering to diverse tastes. With a carefully curated selection of Murphy beds, this store ensures that customers find options that align with their unique preferences and home aesthetics. The store's commitment to quality and variety makes it a noteworthy contender in the Cambridge Murphy bed scene.


As the name suggests, SpaceSavers specializes in furniture designed to maximize comfort in compact spaces. Cambridge residents can explore their Murphy bed collection to discover innovative solutions for optimizing living spaces without sacrificing style or quality.


CityLiving understands the needs of urban dwellers in Cambridge. Their collection of stylish Murphy beds caters to those who prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, providing a seamless blend of the two. With a focus on contemporary designs, CityLiving offers options that resonate with the city's modern lifestyle.

EcoHome Furniture

EcoHome Furniture takes a step towards sustainability with its Murphy bed options. Cambridge residents looking for eco-friendly furniture solutions can explore their collection, combining the benefits of space-saving and environmental consciousness. The store's commitment to green practices sets it apart in the realm of Murphy bed providers.

Harvard Homestead

Harvard Homestead adds a touch of class to Murphy beds. With designs that exude sophistication, this store offers options for Cambridge residents who seek beds that not only save space but also enhance the overall ambiance of their homes. The store's emphasis on quality craftsmanship makes it a standout choice for those with refined tastes.

Cambridge Custom Creations

For those with specific requirements, Cambridge Custom Creations stands out. This store specializes in personalized Murphy bed solutions, allowing residents to tailor their furniture to fit their unique needs and preferences. With a focus on customization, this store ensures that each bed is a perfect fit for the customer's space.

InnoSpace Furniture

InnoSpace Furniture lives up to its name by offering innovative Murphy bed designs. Cambridge residents can explore their collection to find beds that not only save space but also add a touch of creativity to their living spaces. The store's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design makes it a go-to for those seeking unique and contemporary Murphy beds.

Modular Living Solutions

As the name suggests, Modular Living Solutions provides adaptable Murphy beds for modern living. With designs that complement contemporary lifestyles, this store caters to individuals who seek functionality without compromising on style. The modular approach ensures that residents can adapt their furniture to changing needs and preferences.

Cambridge Comfort Furniture

Cambridge Comfort Furniture focuses on creating cozy spaces with its Murphy bed collection. Residents looking to enhance the comfort of their homes while optimizing space can explore the options offered by this store. The emphasis on creating inviting living spaces sets this store apart in the realm of Murphy bed providers.


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