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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in California

Buying a new bed is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Aside from the value of a good night’s sleep, the bed will have a telling influence on the interior design of your bedroom. When working with a compact room, the Murphy bed is the best solution by far.

If looking to buy one of the all-in-one folding solutions, there are dozens of Murphy Bed Stores in California to choose from. Here are the top 10 that will help you find the very best Murphy bed in California.

eMurphy Bed Store

When searching Murphy bed stores in California, you should prioritise companies that specialize in the Murphy style. The eMurphy bed store online emporium delivers an extensive selection of wall beds and cabinet beds alike.

We love the fact that you can find Murphy beds of varying sizes (singles, doubles, twin XLs, etc.) and cabinet colors. As a specialist in this style of bed, their passionate team also provides a plethora of videos and other content to help buyers with every aspect from finding the right Murphy bed to installation and usage.

With free delivery offered too, it’s no surprise that eMurphy bed store is considered #1.

Wallbeds ‘n’ More

The Wallbeds ‘n’ More brand boasts three stores throughout the Golden State - in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Burlingame - and is an award-winning store that offers several Murphy beds.

Students living in studio flats will love the study buddy cabinet beds that can be used as a desk as well as a bed. While the wall beds range isn’t as extensive as some options in California, the opportunity to buy new frames or mattresses individually or as a pair adds to its appeal.

Lamps and other bedroom accessories can be purchased from the three stores too.

California Closets

Having launched in 1978, California Closets has been manufacturing custom closets and storage facilities for homeowners in the region for over 40 years. Wallbeds and cabinet beds in the Murphy beds are among their most popular lines.

The benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer are clear. Firstly you miss out the middleman, meaning their prices are often up there with the very best. While having bespoke models made naturally cancel any savings, it does mean you can have the dimensions and design that you desire.

You can be confident about the purchase due to the company’s experience and reputation.

Resource Furniture

Located in Los Angeles, Resource Furniture California is one of the nationwide company’s flagship stores. And it shows as they offer a wide selection of Murphy beds, along with a variety of other space-saving furniture pieces.

The fact that you can combine your bed with other furniture pieces for studio apartments and compact living spaces makes it one of the best Murphy beds stores in California, especially for new tenants or owners that need to furnish the whole space. Styles featuring desks and sofas can be found too.

Their Murphy beds are also very competitively priced.

Hoot Judkins

When looking at interior design choices for a compact home, a lot of items in the Hoot Judkins range will feel unsuitable. However, the selection of Murphy beds can bring a touch of practicality and esthetic appeal to the property.

Browsing through such a large selection of different furniture pieces can be a little stressful when you are simply searching for the best Murphy beds stores in California. Still, the fact that they offer online and in-store services is pleasing. As is the good selection of wallbeds to choose from.

The store is located at 1269 Veterans Blvd in Redwood City.

Murphy Beds, Etc.

The Costa Mesa-based store Murphy Beds, Etc. prides itself on “creating space-saving solutions” and the wall beds and cabinet beds featured make it one of the best Murphy bed stores in California.

From Avalon to Yellowstone, each design is manufactured to high standards while made available at fair prices. Whether simply wanting the frame of a Murphy bed or seeking the mattress too, the store is a good place to start. Not least because it has helped thousands of people just like you.

Murphy Beds, Etc. is a member of the Cottage House Inc. company.

Wilding Wallbeds

Found in El Segundo, Wilding Wallbeds is another popular local seller of storage-saving beds including the cabinet-settled Murphy beds. It also sells a lot of bulkier beds and traditional styles.

With seven styles in different wood colors, you can find one that suits your home with ease. The showroom will also arrange for the bed to be delivered anywhere in California, making it one of the more convenient stores to use. The company also boasts a secondary showroom in Chino Hills.

Wilding Wallbeds doesn’t only sell Murphy beds, but this style is the best they have to offer.

Murphy Beds of California Inc.

Founded in 1984, the family-run business is one of the best in the state. If anything, Murphy Beds of California Inc. has gone from strength to strength since being bought by the family’s son in 2005.

The fact that the company started life after the original owners wanted a bed for themselves, they understand the pain points experienced by consumers throughout the Golden State. This experience and relatability are key features in the brand’s services and strong customer care game.

After many years in the business, they now focus on some of the best products too.

Mack Wallbed Systems

When you want to purchase an existing style of Murphy bed, you will probably look elsewhere. When you want a bespoke option, though, Mack Wallbed Systems is a good option.

The company’s made-to-measure cabinet beds in the Murphy style are built and delivered with impressive turnaround times. So, assuming you can afford to wait a few weeks rather than days, you can choose this company with confidence. They can work with a range of materials to make the cabinets and storage features you need.

When added to the wide range of mattresses available, you can do far worse.

Sonoma Woodcraft

California’s Sonoma Woodcraft is best known for its eponymous contemporary wall bed. Its guaranteed hardware and quality materials have won over many fans and can be a good choice for your home too.

If you know about the bed, there’s a good chance you’ve been pointed to it by a friend or relative who has one. If this isn’t the case, it’s best to visit the store directly to learn about the functional design as well as the esthetic elements of the bed. While the store doesn’t offer the same level of different options as some others, the quality cannot be knocked.

The company’s address is 9133 Green Valley Road in Sebastopol.

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