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10 Best Murphy Bed Stores in Boston, MA

Boston, a city situated at the Massachusetts Bay, is full of flare and creativity. Local residents like to experiment with the interior of their homes. Being a cultural region, the residents of Boston ensure that their lifestyle depicts a glimpse of their city. One of the most common additions to their homes is the recent innovation in the murphy beds. Murphy needs have been offering a lot more storage space, excellent sleeping space, with a comfortable mattress to rest on. Since Boston is an economic hub as well, furniture stores across the city have piled up the murphy beds to satisfy the needs of the locals. If you are aiming to buy an affordable, sturdy, aesthetically built, and compatible to the interior of your bedroom, you can scroll through to find the 10 best Murphy stores in Boston.

Offering a perfect solution to your storage and space issues, Emurphy Bed Store is one of the leading furniture stores. The store is leading in Boston due to the versatile yet commendable, affordable and sturdy murphy beds. Emurphy Bed Store has set its core product as the murphy stores while offering a versatile catalog including the day delight murphy beds and Paradiseo murphy beds in wooden built, as well as the Night & Day variety with a poppy wood built. These options are a perfection in terms of quality as well as price.

2. Boston Bed Company

Boston Bed Company is also the leading company offering a full range of furniture options to the people in the section of their murphy beds, they offer a versatile portfolio of 17 styles and 10 finishes of beds with 8 hardware options and 18 options for side cabinets/closets/. These options can baffle any customer so you might have hard time choosing the one for yourself.

3. California Closets- Boston

Offering a multifunctional bed which can add storage space to your room while providing a comfortable bedding option, California Closets boosts off a wide range of murphy beds with white, brown and even pink finish to cater to the needs of an adult bedroom as well as a child’s bedroom.

4. Boston Closets

Boston Closets is punching above the weights when it comes to their highly recommended murphy beds. The company already has a very versatile furniture product portfolio. The murphy beds offered by Boston closets come with a wall bed which is effectively incorporated into a craft room or office space. With multiple bed sizes and abundant storage cabinets to hide blankets, pillows and sheets, Boston Closets is a great option to buy a murphy bed from. You can get the necessary custom decorative trim and moldings to get the bed which compliments your bedroom the best.

5. Pottery barn

One of the oldest yet the most trusted furniture store across US, Pottery Barn, isn’t holding back when it comes to innovation. Their murphy beds are not only sturdy but affordable as well. Get them delivered right at your doorstep.

6. Divine Design Center

Just as the name suggests, the company has been offering divine designs in the murphy beds options for its customers across Boston. With over 50 years of experience in the murphy beds and wall bed systems, the company proudly markets its ON-OFF from Tumidei which is a benchmark in Murphy bed industry.

7. Room & Board

Room& Board is offering a comprehensive option to the residents of Boston to buy their sturdy murphy beds with storage drawers. You can easily avail 2-3 storage drawers in your murphy beds when you purchase from Room & Board.

8. Hastens

For anyone who lives in Boston, Hastens is the go to option for modern and contemporary furniture, if you are looking for some sleek and ultra-modern designs, Hastens is your go to option. You can avail the highly recommended murphy beds in modern built from Hastens.

9. Bedworks

Bedworks have been offering the handmade platform and murphy beds which are a perfect position of anyone who is aiming to invest his money in a sturdy bed. You can avail the handmade floating beds which will be a perfect option.

10. CB2

One store which is modern and contemporary in offering the murphy beds is CB2. Keep it in your radar while looking for the murphy beds.


For anyone who is opting for a murphy bed in modern, sleek, sturdy, and affordable aspects, the above mentioned stores are the perfect options, given yourself the time to visit them all and choose the one which suits your needs the best.

Visit their websites and stores to avail the murphy bed of your dreams.

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