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Are Murphy Beds Good for Everyday Use?

There is no denying the benefits of having a Murphy bed in your home for use for guests or overnight visitors temporarily. However, a murphy bed's unique design can lend itself to becoming the more practical solution for many people. Over the years, the design of fold-away beds has evolved to offer a more modern sleeping option for those looking for space-saving bedroom furniture that can be discreetly folded away when not in use.

The unique feature of being folded away and stored out of sight is an option more and more people are considering to help them free up space in smaller homes and apartments alike. While many people are aware of the benefits of having a Murphy bed in their home if a Murphy bed is good for everyday use, it is something to explore should you need to be using this bed on a nightly basis.

Choose a cabinet bed that fits seamlessly into your decor and furniture in your home to allow your bed to become part of the fixtures and fittings when not in use whilst still retaining its primary function of being a well-made bed that can provide you with a really great night's sleep.

Can You Use a Murphy Bed Every Day?

In short, the answer is yes; you can use a Murphy bed regularly. Wall beds, cabinet beds, fold-down beds are designed to be used regularly, and as such, the bed is capable of frequent usage, including being folded away every day when not in use.

A Murphy bed is as good as its hardware. And this can be different from brand to brand. They are designed to last for around 15 years, but this also depends on the mechanism used and how well the bed is cared for, along with how frequently it is used.

As the beds are specifically designed for frequent use, there is no reason why using a fold-away bed every night should cause you any issues. As long as you are careful when opening and closing away the bed and how it is cared for when in use, this space-saving design can be a great addition to your bedroom or home.

Follow these simple instructions to ensure proper usage at all times;

  1. Locate the beds handle near the top of the bed.

  2. Using the handle pull down in smooth motion.

  3. When the bed is halfway down, pull out or rotate the legs into position.

  4. Carefully set the bed's legs on the floor after lowering the bed.

Also, Murphy beds come in different sizes with different matters and storage options too to allow you to store away your bed linen neatly.

Proper Care and Maintenance of a Murphy Bed

Paying close attention to the joints and pistons on your Murphy bed can help you to extend its life span and make sure it is fit for use for the entirety of its use.

If you are using the bed every night and are meticulous with making your bed and putting it away in the morning, this makes it an ideal option for the tiny home movement and smaller studio apartments and smaller bedrooms.

Regular opening and usage will put more pressure on the joints of your bed. Being careful to remove any loose bedding that can be trapped will help reduce wear and tear on the joints and treat the bed well when it is open and in use. Avoid jumping up and down on the bed and putting added pressure on it by using it to stand on to reach higher in your room or allowing children to play to preserve the integrity of the bed.

Try to refrain from making any quick fixes yourself and consult an experienced tradesperson for repairs should you notice any damage.

Is A Murphy Bed Comfortable for Everyday Use?

While unfairly judged on roll-away cot standards, a Murphy bed can offer comfort for both frequent and infrequent use. It is the mattress that judges the comfort of a bed, and Murphy beds are suitable for a wide range of mattresses.

It is important to make sure you choose a mattress suitable for use with your specific Murphy bed as different designs can determine which type of mattress you need for your Murphy bed. Keep an eye on any maximum load weights as many mattresses can be cumbersome and overly heavy, meaning they will compromise your bed's integrity and functionality, rendering it unsafe.

Cabinets beds need a mattress that can fold efficiently when the bed is being put away to retain its shape and comfort level night after night.

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