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Amazing Benefits of Murphy Bed with Storage

If you have a room in your home you would love to use as a guest room but don't have space from a bed, or if you have a guest room that doesn't get used enough, a Murphy bed with storage could be the answer. With a Murphy bed, you can create more floor space in your home and add value to dead areas with a fold-down guest bed that includes handy storage.


These days our homes have become smaller than ever as more people are working and living there through the day. This puts floor space at a premium and means that multiple-use furniture and spaces are more popular than ever.

A Murphy bed with storage gives you the full play of your bedroom. It folds up into the wall when not in use allowing you to roll out your yoga mat or set up a play area for the kids. As you probably know, added floor space also increases the value of a property.


Do you have a spare room or a guest room that is mostly taken up with a standard bed? This is usually the case with a guest bedroom because how can you have a guest bedroom if you don't have a bed in it. Unfortunately, it can feel like wasted space 90% of the time.

With a Murphy bed with storage, you get the option to use the room in a variety of ways without sacrificing its function as a guest bedroom. Use the room for whatever your family needs in between guests staying. It can make a very effective home office.


Historically there have been issues with wall-mounted beds. The designs caused some damage to the walls and presented difficulties with mechanisms when folding them away or putting them down. This has changed considerably with Murphy beds with storage.

Contemporary Murphy beds with storage use straps instead of mechanisms. The straps not only make it less likely you will damage your walls they also make the beds much easier to maneuver. There are many models available these days, with a design to suit everyone.


Do you find that you have loads of bedclothes, duvets, pillows, and sheets to store in the house somewhere? If you're like most people you probably stuff them into a cupboard of a drawer. A Murphy bed with storage solves the problem giving you plenty of space to work with.

After you fold up the Murphy bed into a convenient rectangular box shape you will find drawers with ample space below to store away your bedding, sheets, and other items. There is nothing more confident than a Murphy bed with storage.


OK so maybe a Murphy bed with storage isn't the most luxurious bed in the house but it will be the most luxurious guest bed or temporary bed. The Murphy bed with storage features a memory foam mattress that remembers the shape of your body to give you the perfect sleeping experience.

Forget about offering your stay-over friends an air mattress on the floor with a sleeping bag. Those days are gone. Now you can show them to the guest bedroom upstairs. The room that looks empty except for a tasteful cabinet. Then the cabinet transforms in seconds and suddenly there's a luxury bed.


Murphy beds have always been a popular feature in a home with ambition, unfortunately, there haven't always been a diverse range of styles to choose from. As a result, many homeowners were forced to compromise color or design features which led to damaged walls in some cases.

It's different these days. Murphy beds with storage are available in many colors, patterns, and design styles such as wall-mounted or cabinets. The mechanism has been replaced with straps to prevent wall damage and assist with easy use. Whatever space or home type you have you can be sure your guest will sleep soundly.


If you're in the market for a Murphy bed with storage but can't find one to suit your room requirements, there are customization options available. These options are outside the standard designs you will find in local stores and online. You can order specific colors, sizes, and storage arrangements.

Although this service will cost extra you can be sure that your Murphy bed will fit the type area you have available for it. It means that you can fit a Murphy bed into rooms where standard options let you down, bringing added value to problem spaces.

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